Apacer eNews
Issue No.2 / August 1, 2003
Audio Steno MS400 :
a blessing for Sony lovers!
Image Steno SV300 --
a good companion that's easy to carry around!
The brand-new Audio Steno MS400 appeals to Sony lovers all over the world. As Memory Stick is becoming one of major memory cards, our PM people thus integrated a Memory Stick card reader with MP3 handy drive for consumers to enjoy unlimited music at any time...........《more At first impression of the Image Steno SV300, will be amazement at its combined functions of digital camera, digital video recorder and video conferencing camera, despite it being a light and compact handy drive...............《more

As you know, the key feature of Disc Steno CP100 is its use as a copier without linking to a PC. Today we are going to share with you advanced tips for using the Disc Steno CP100 to copy digital pictures to a VCD, so you can enjoy watching the VCD on a TV set at a later time. .....《more

AMH marketing staffs have implemented a cost effective way to promote AUDIO STENO NV400. Sales persons can simply attach this banner to their emails and distribute new NV400 info to customers across Europe.

Apacer's outdoor exposure in Taipei's Kuan-Hwa Shopping Area

Apacer's theme of "digital storage and a connected lifestyle" is promoted in Taiwan's most famous IT shopping area.

DISC STENO in Memory Stick Association's official publication.

The Memory Stick Association is dedicated to promoting Memory Stick compliance. The latest edition of "Memory Stick Update " includes Apacer's DISC STENO CP100 and introduces CP100' s convenience when transferring data. Through this publication from SONY, DISC STENO is going to be drawn to a lot more users' attention.

China's on-line video program covering DISC STENO

This video program was made by www.intozgc.com in Beijing. Through an A/V presentation, the standalone advantages of DISC STENO CP100 are easily demonstrated.

Screensaver: The Three Little Hedgehogs

To promote an "execution spirit" within the company, we made the screen saver " The Three Little Hedgehogs " . The idea is originally from the well-known fairy tale " The Three Little Pigs " . Feel free to download the screensaver. (Please right click on your desktop and ensure the screen size is 1024*768 pixel)

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