Apacer eNews
Issue No.5 / Nov 11, 2003
-- Portable Photo CD Burner---
The Apacer DISC STENO CP80
Featuring real-time photo copying
and an attractive price
The Apacer DISC STENO CP80 is going to be launched in the first quarter of 2004. Featuring recording the digital photos to CDs, the Apacer DISC STENO CP80 is also at an attractive price, with a market price of US$149. The DISC STENO CP80 is targeted at younger consumers, people from age 20 to 30...........more

For all Apacer employees experiencing the spirit of sharing fun and convenience from Disc Steno, our marketing department conducted an internal Disc Steno CP200 education and training course......more

The Audio Steno MS400 package concept

The Audio Steno MS400, designed as an exclusive MP3 player for discerning people, is going to launch......《more

The Handy Steno HT202 Blister package

To meet the needs of wholesalers in America, the package for the Handy Steno HT202......《more》.

The Apacer's 2004 International CES booth design concept

The 2004 International CES in Las Vegas. Apacer will display.....《more

The Disc Steno CP200 advertisement concept

Leveraging the popular traveling topic, we advertise the Disc Steno CP200 in the MOOK traveling magazine and introduce the fast burning feature of the Disc Steno CP200 ......《 more

2004 Disc Steno CP200 calendar

The 2004 Disc Steno CP200 calendar is a practical advertising giveaway from Apacer. Keeping with the subject; “Take Disc Steno with your travel,” we carefully selected pictures of 12 must-see scenic spots throughout the world for use in the calendar to inspire the viewer every day in 2004.

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