Apacer eNews
Issue No.6 / Dec 10, 2003
The Apacer's 4GB Handy Steno HT203-- a high end USB Flash Drive
The Handy Steno HT203 is the enhanced version of the HT202. In addition to the elegant appearance, the Handy Steno HT203 also features high capacity and blistering access speed. The integrated controller technology with eight Gbit of Flash memory, the Handy Steno HT203 has up to 4GB storage volume ...........more

For promoting the Disc Steno as becoming the best accessory equipment for digital camera users, we produced this "User's Guide to Disc Steno CP200" film. Through concise step descriptions and provided pictures, we believe that customers become familiar with the Disc Steno CP200 and experience the fun and convenience in a minute.

Please download Plug Ins to view the film.
For Windows
For Mac OSX

The Audio Steno MS400 Internet advertisement

Continuing in the pure black style shown in magazine advertisement, the Audio Steno MS400 Internet advertisement highlights .......《more

Apacer's showroom in Thailand

As Apacer's brand awareness is increasing, we established the Apacer Image a......《more》.

The Disc Steno CP200 training in Mainland China

This is an experience sharing conducted by our colleagues .......《more

The Audio Steno MS400 advertisement

The Audio Steno MS400 advertisement will be released in GQ magazine in December. The simplicity and quality of product stands out in the spotlight.

2004 Christmas e-Card

The Chirstmas is coming. Apacer is sending the latest eCard to express our appreciation for customers and partners.

Next Issue Date

Due to Christmas and Chinese New Year Holiday, we will issue the next Apacer eNews on early February 2004. Please give continuous support to Apacer eNews!

Winner of DISC STENO CP200 Internal Training & Competition
  1. No.1 Winner Team:
    Jay Chu,
    Jimmy Lin,
    Jeff Lee
  2. No.2 Winner Team:
    Grace Chiu,
    Celing Chang,
    Gibi Kao,
  3. No.3 Winner Team:
    David Pao,
    Wind Huang,
    Irene Wu