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Issue No.7 / Apr. 5, 2004
Apacer Announces an Extremely Price Competitive Digital Photo Burner
Apacer CP80 empowers consumers to have funs with the duplication of digital images
Love the Earth, Lead-free Engineering
Apacer announces world's
first green module
Apacer today announces an extremely price competitive portable photo CD burner – the "Apacer Disc Steno CP80" that focuses on duplicating photos right after taking photos, and also serves as an external CD burner when connected to a computer. With a very competitive price, the "Apacer Disc Steno CP80" portable photo burner attracts digital camera users...........more
Apacer today announces the world's first green module to promote a pollution-free living environment. By focusing on lead-free engineering, Apacer advocates semiconductor manufacturers to use lead-free parts and adopt lead-free processes, thus creating a clean and beautiful world for memory module users worldwide and to realize the vision of enjoying a digital life..........《more

The DISC STENO CP200 has obtained the honor of entering into a competition for the "National Gold Awards of Excellence", after winning the 2004 Taiwan Symbol of Excellence. Committee members of the evaluation will select 10-15 winners National Gold Awards of Excellence of among 25 companies......more

DRAM Distributors Conference PRC

It is the first time that Apacer holds the DRAM Distributors Conference in Hainan Island. Nearly 100 representatives of distributors, partners and media from different provinces attend this grand gathering. .....《more

It is a light box advertised in Thailand

It is a light box advertised in Thailand.

Digital Technology Zone Southeast Asia

Apacer plans to set up "Digital Technology Zones" in 25 points of distribution in Thailand, Malaysia .......《 more

Outdoor signboard Kaohsiung

It is an outdoor publication released in Kaohsiung. Spirit of Apacer digital store extends to Southern Taiwan.

All-Round Cooperation Between APACER and “Popular Photography”

The goal of the first stage of promoting the "Disc Steno" in China is establishing product image for Apacer in the photography industry .....《more

DISC STENO CP200 Broadcasting record

Extent of DISC STENO CP200, a propaganda centered on "tour". Once again, Apacer introduces the DISC STENO CP200 with its advantage of being "portable" via broadcasting

CP200 Advertisement Hong Kong

Advertisement of DISC STENO CP200 is exposed on Peripheral of DiGi Digital and magazine of DC Photo in Hong Kong for the first time. ........《 more

【 Asia】
DC Viewer數位視野:
宇瞻 CP200 隨身燒效能測試
宇瞻科技零售記憶體模組 新包裝亮相!
CP200燒錄數位相片 不用連接電腦
HWM Apacer, 「USB Flash Drive」at the top
HWM Survey for memory (RAM) category
【 China 】
中關村在線 宇瞻記憶體誓奪"大陸一哥"位置
雙通道的魅力—體驗宇瞻金牌 DDR記憶體
中關村在線 攝影人"回娘家",宇瞻好禮帶回家!
百腦匯在線 DISC STENO CP200 評測
太平洋 影音壓片館入圍臺灣精品形象金質獎選拔
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