Apacer eNews
Issue No.9 / Jun. 5, 2004
Apacer Announces the High-Speed Handy Steno HT203
Leading the Industry to Introduce High-End, Fast and High-Capacity Flash Drive
Leading the world, Apacer's full-series DDRII memory modules started volume production
Apace announced the Handy Steno HT203 to satisfy high-end users' demands on fast access and high capacity. Apacer Handy Steno HT203 inherits the elegant stylish model of the HT series and comes with a fast access "Dual Channel" for reading at up to 20MB/Sec and writing at up to 14MB/Sec and a full range of high capacity from 256MB to 4GB. Apacer Handy Steno HT203 will launch the markets worldwide by the second quarter of this year...........more
In its Computex new product launching event, Apacer announces that its full-series DDRII memory modules will soon enter the volume production stage in the near future. The company will be the first module supplier in the world that enters into DDRII volume production. Apacer's DDRII memory modules offer a complete product line including the ones used in servers, desktop and notebook PCs, meeting the needs of all types of consumers.........《more

COMPUTEX2004 Apacer Conference Room

The eagerly desired annual computer exhibition is finally coming. Apacers stall this year is located on the third floor, T3F2, of Taipei International Convention Center with our latest stylish MP3 players, Flash drives and high speed DRAM modules on display. These are captured pictures we would like to share.. .....《more

IHandy Steno HT203 AD

HT203 is a unique Flash drive designed for professionals working with graphics holding an enormous 4GB capacity and incredible read/write speed beyond the reach of generic Flash drives available on the market.

Handy Steno HT202 AD

With a red or black angel attached, a professional worker can be fashionable, too.......《 more

Image Wall

Apacer's first digital experience center on the island will open in the end of June. The interior of the center will be decorated with vivid style and bright colors and lighting to communicate Apacer's mission of "Enjoy a Modern Digital Life"and to provide a convenient and pleasant environment within which better services and experience can be delivered.

Flash card new label

Apacer introduced a more original label design for Flash card products after the cardboard box. .....《more