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Issue No.11 / Aug. 31, 2004
The world's first stand-alone 2-way portable USB storage device with USB2.0 OTG and LCD panel
Apacer introduces Share Steno CD211
Apacer's DDRII module wins Editor's Choice Award from PC Magazine for high reliability and high compatibility
"Worrying about the capacity of the DSC memory card when you are on a trip? Don't want to carry the laptop all along?" Travelers who love taking pictures or professional photographers must have had these troubles. "Share Steno CD211, the portable USB 2.0 OTG storage device "from Apacer Technology Inc. is the total solution. It is a stand-alone two-way portable USB storage device for use with 2.5 " HDD, allowing you to connect to a DSC, MP3 player, flash drive, card reader and any USB device.............more
Leading domestic memory module maker Apacer Technology Inc. won the 5-star Editor's Choice Award from PC Magazine for its DDRII module, remarking that the maker's achievements in memory reliability and compatibility have earned the editor's unanimous recognition. The news was published in the July 2004 issue of the magazine.........《more

Full Promotion Materials for Asia

We have produced full promotion materials for promoting the brand image of Apacer Technology Inc. - Digital Storage & Connected Lifestyle - in order to let users of technology products feel the joy and energy of the Apacer spirit.. .....《more

Full Promotion Materials for Europe

We have introduced the blue-color-toned design for our CF cards distributed to Europe. The scrolling roll screen will be applied to display Europe channels.

A New colored package of Photo Steno Pro II CF card series

Apacer made an updated version for the package of the flagship-type 100X Photo Steno Pro II CF card series aiming at showing it's high-performance .......《 more

Design Template for the Apacer Digital Experience Hall

Apacer Technology Inc. will apply its first Digital Experience Hall located in Taipei as the design template for all Apacer channel showrooms. The design template will be opened to Apacer branches worldwide to present the consistent Apacer spirit- Digital Storage & Connected Lifestyle.. .......《 more 》.

AP510, CP200 and HT203 Have
Passed the Preliminary Review of G-Mark, A Design Award Organized in Japan.

Apacer's MP3 (AP510), portable CD burner (CP200) and USB flash drive (HT203) have passed the preliminary review of G-Mark, suggesting that the product and appearance designs of Apacer have been recognized by the top design award in Asia. The semifinal review will be conducted on August 25 in Tokyo Japan.. .......《 more 》.

Website Banner on DRAM Exchange - a Simplified Chinese site

The DRAM exchange site (www.dramexchange.com.cn) provides information on the spot/contract prices of DRAM and other related information. The DDR2 banner on the right hand side increases the exposure of Apacer°?s DDR2 products and provides links to the official Apacer site to facilitate consumer inquires......《 more 》.

【 Asia】
Apacer Handy Steno HT203-你的隨身碟有它快嗎?
Apacer Photo Steno Pro II-超高速CF卡
The Nation:
CP 200 Comp
Bangkok Post:
Memory Devices or Gadgets for Digital Camera
e-FotoGrafija: Photo Steno Pro II Reviews
PC 2000: Apacer DDR II記憶體模組
PC Shopper:
伺服器最佳的選擇-Apacer DDRII 1GB 記憶體
體積超薄 速度超快 滿足迷你PC、工業電腦、1U Server等全方位市場需求
ET today.com:
電腦升級 記憶體沒升級 DDRII明年才能普及
令人垂涎的高容量-Apacer 雙1GB DDRII效能體驗
3Dspeed 宇瞻全系列DDRII記憶體模組 領先全球進入量產
OC評測 六款最新DDRII 533
Nova 宇瞻科技 - 高度1英吋以下全系列 "Low Profile"記憶體模組
Photomagaxine: Apacer Disc Steno CP80
PC Magazine: Editor' Choice- CP200
PC World: BP300 award
Ferra Russia : Editor' Choice- Photo Steno Pro II
PCekspert Handy Steno HT203
Digital-World CompactFlash
Falkemedia: Apacer Disc Steno CP 80
Falkemedia: Apacer 100X CF

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