Apacer eNews
Issue No.12 / Sep. 30, 2004
An MP3 player with a "Stereo station"
to turn it into a stereo
Apacer introduces High-Class 5-in-1 MP3 Player: Audio Steno AP510
Apacer announces the world's first "green" DDR2 modules
using lead-free processes
Apacer Technology Inc. will introduce a 5-in-1 MP3 player for working people who are looking for a fashionable and tasteful MP3 player at the end of September. Apacer's Audio Steno AP510 is manufactured with a high-level chipset, which enables it to generate high-clarity sound output. This 59g MP3 player, the Audio Steno AP510, comes in a high-quality, classy and fashionable aluminum alloy shell. . .............more
As the first memory module maker to implement lead-free processes in manufacturing its DDR2 modules, Apacer Technology Inc announced availability of the world's first green DDR2 module. Made with lead-free dies from Infineon Technologies AG, all of Apacer's green memory modules are absolutely pollution-free during manufacture..........more

Apacer HT203 wins Japan's G-Mark Design Award

Apacer Handy Steno HT203 was awarded the Japan G-Mark design award."G-Mark" is the only award in Japan that combines design evaluation, and a reward judgment system......《more

2004 Photokina

The 2004 Photokina trade show will kick off on 9/28 in Cologne, Germany. "Photokina -World of Imaging" is an exhibition that specializes in photographic and image accessories, films and digital storage media......《more》.

MP3 series marketing plan

In the 2nd half of the year, Apacer will launch a series of fashionable MP3 devices with complete functionality .......《 more

MP3 series marketing tools

The MP3 series promotion plan includes a product-launch press release, related public relations activities........《 more 》.

Audio Steno AP510 packing box design for Asia-Pacific and the America

Apacer has developed a creative packing box concept for the MP3 series. The main idea is derived from the principle that music has power. It imitates power visually by having aperture devices around the product. .......《 more 》.

DDR2 promotional items for distribution channel promotion items

Apacer provides high quality DDR2 products and we have produced a series of promotional products for distribution channels. It includes banners, flags, posters, display stands, and table stands for retail outlets.......《 more 》.

Distribution channel – ET mall display stand

Apart from Apacer Digital Experience Hall and other distribution channels, we now have a new distribution channel – the famous ET mall on TV. ......《more

Chinese moon festival eCard

Apacer's China branch produced Chinese Moon Festival eCards in simplified Chinese version to wish all partners and personnel of Apacer a Happy Chinese Moon Festival. .....《more

New Photo Steno II industrial use sticker

The black background with the a steady jasper color for the surface design implies the steadiness of "Photo Steno II" for industrial use .....《more

【 Asia】
宇瞻科技率先推出DDR2環保記憶體模組(Green Module)
宇瞻Apacer Audio Steno AV220 USB 2.0 極速上市
DCView 數位視野:
Apacer 宇瞻推出隨身存Share Steno CD211
DCView 數位視野:
宇瞻推出頂級MP3新機種 Audio Steno AP510
PChome: 隨拍隨存 旅行哪需再帶筆記型電腦!
電子時報: 宇瞻目標記憶體市場龍頭寶座
Disc Steno CP200: Editor' Choice
Handy Steno HT203: Computertotaal award
努力提升性價比 宇瞻總經理何宏能專訪
提前進入DDR2時代 宇瞻2GB海量記憶體測試
兩款DDR2 533記憶體條賞析

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