Apacer eNews
Issue No.13 / Dec. 27, 2004
Apacer Introduces AS820
USB 2.0 MP3 Flash Drive
Apacer names its new DRAM modules "High Value Series"
Apacer Technology Inc. introduces the latest in its line of innovative digital multimedia devices: the Audio Steno AS820 USB 2.0 MP3 Flash Drive. The slim, lightweight and versatile AS820 combines the functions of an MP3 player, a USB flash drive, an FM radio, and a Line-in/Voice/FM recorder all into one easy-to-use device. ...........more
All dies used to manufacture the "High Value Series" are genuine parts from original manufacturers thus ensuring the best performance and quality. Each module is tested for compliance with the standard Apacer memory modules..........《more

Seeing the need to introduce the SHARE STENO series to potential users, a SHARE STENO CD211 educational film will be produced to highlight the product applications and show the step-by-step operation using an easy and interesting tone.......more

2004 Apacer Xmas eCard

To express our warmest wishes to all Apacer's partners and friends at the end of the year. You can check this out at www.apacer.com/MerryChristmas. .....

HT203 World's NO.1 Poster (Europe)

HT203 won accolades from leading media in Europe for its superior data access speed and excellent appearance.

2004 NOVA Channel Award

Apacer was voted as one of the top three ideal brands for MP3 Players in the 2004 NOVA Channel Award........《 more

Apacer allies with Chinese Gamer International Corp. (Jing Yong Online 2.0) to tailor-make exclusive Jing Yong flash drives and memory modules

Apacer launched a partner alliance with Chinese Gamer International (Jing Yong Online 2.0)........《 more 》.

Total Solution DM 2004 2H Revision (Europe)

The catalogue covers all brand new products launched in the European market in the second half of 2004........《more

2005 International CES Preview

Apacer will exhibit at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest of its kind in the world....... .....《more

  • Exhibition::2005 International CES
  • Date:1/6~1/9, 2005
  • Location:Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall
  • Booth Number:No. 37025, South 4, LVCC

Latest iStorage DMs Coming up: MGA20, ER151, Memory Stick

The latest iStorage product DMs for the Mega Steno MGA20, ER151 and Memory Sticks demonstrate the diversity of the Apacer product ranges, and high-standards and performances. .....《more

Low-profile Memory Module DM (China)

The latest low-profile memory module DM in China focuses on its ultra-slim, superior-speed, and ultimate-reliability especially suitable for advanced level of severs and industrial PCs. .....《more

Upgraded Memory Module Tool CD

The new memory module tool CD is very convenient to use. The thick and heavy tool books have been published into CD version for easy carry and quick search. .....《more

【 Asia 】
彈指自如 宇瞻Handy Steno
宇瞻科技推出隨身存Share Steno CD211
宇瞻發表新款Handy Steno HF202隨身碟
超頻者天堂: 隨身迷你音響─宇瞻AUDIO STENO AP510 MP3隨身聽
DCView數位視野: 宇瞻購物精品網站11月1日正式開台
宇瞻 Audio Steno AP510 …
可攜式USB OTG雙向儲存裝置 - 宇瞻Apacer SHARE STENO CD211
宇瞻Share Steno CD211讓你盡情OTG
數位時代: 人人都能輕鬆享受摩登數位生活
Windows: Apacer Handy Steno
電腦王: NB專用零組件 效能測試-記憶體測試
電子時報: 宇瞻Handy Steno隨身碟 一體成型設計 美觀實用兼具
DCView數位視野: OTG的Apacer CD211
Stuff: 大容量儲存媒體
www.absolut-photo.com: Apacer CD211, Stockez vos photos
Digital Imaging Websites Association: Apacer lance le dispositif de stockage CD211
Digital Imaging Websites Association: Apacer sort la carte Compact Flash la plus rapide
The Digital Photography Blog: Apacer Share Steno CD211
【 China
天極網 重慶站: 貴就一個字!宇瞻DDRⅡ記憶體到貨
超頻者天堂: 隨身迷你音響-宇瞻Audio Steno AP510 MP3隨身聽
小熊在線 西安站: 迅速搶佔!宇瞻DDR2內存搶先登陸古城西安
Tom科技: 宇瞻推出五合一MP3新機種 Audio Steno AP510
中關村在線: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種Audio Steno AP510
走進中關村: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種
搜狐IT: 宇瞻推出五合一MP3新機種 Audio Steno AP510
eNet硅谷動力: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種 Audio Steno AP510
小熊在線: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種
PC online太平洋電腦網: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種
EDN.COM CHINA電子設計技術: 宇瞻推出五合一MP3新機種
超頻者天堂: 可攜式USB OTG雙向儲存裝置 – 宇瞻Apacer SHARE STENO CD211
無忌工作室: 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種 Audio Steno AP510