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Issue No.14 / Jan. 28, 2005
Apacer OK Series
high-efficiency and high-reliability to fulfill the overclocking demands of game players

Access your images anytime, anywhere with a stand-alone OTG Portable Photomate – the Share Steno CD311

Apacer introduces the OK (Over Clocking) memory series to fulfill the demands of game players and advanced users who need high-efficiency and high-reliability in high-speed computing because of the increased enjoyment of 3D games and the desire to upgrade computer systems. The superior compatibility and stability of the OK series demonstrates the full performance and efficiency of both the motherboard and system ...........more
Apacer Technology Inc. today introduces a stand-alone OTG Portable Photomate, the Share Steno CD311, which is especially designed to copy image files from a digital camera without connecting to a PC. At just 220g , the Share Steno CD311 is extremely lightweight even when connected to a hard disk and extremely easy to carry, even outdoors. The Share Steno CD311, which requires no external power supply will be available in February...........《more

CD211 has been selected for the upcoming "National Gold Awards of Excellence" competition
Apacer's Share Steno CD211 has been selected as one of the top 30 nominees, out of a field of 746 entries in 2005, for the upcoming "National Gold Awards of Excellence" competition, the greatest honor for products made -in - Taiwan .........《 more .

Seeing the need to introduce the SHARE STENO series to potential users, a SHARE STENO CD211 educational film will be produced to highlight the product applications and show the step-by-step operation using an easy and interesting tone. Download

Apacer's latest awards and related news

The latest awards to Apacer right at the beginning of 2005 not only mark the recognition of the outstanding performance of its products but also the enterprise’s continual efforts in 2004.........《 more

Apacer Launches the World's First 2GB MultiMediaCard

Apacer Technology Inc. leads trends of high density development to the camera phones market and today launches the world's first highest-density MultiMediaCard (MMC) .........《 more

Apacer in 2005 International CES held in Las Vegas, USA

At the International CES, Apacer Technology Inc displayed a wide range of brand new and fashionable digital multimedia storage devices, including the Share Steno, Disc Steno, MP3 players, flash drives, and USB devices.........《 more

Apacer's Sales Meeting 2005 in Sanya, China

Apacer's Sales Meeting held on January 3-5, 2005 in Sanya, Hainan, China, Apacer Technology Inc expressed its gratitude to nearly one hundred local dealers, partners and the media to promote reciprocal cooperation and development for the new challenges and opportunities in 2005.........《 more 》.

CD311's colored package, advertisements and DMs (English Version) are available now

First release of the English version of the CD 311 ' s colored package, advertisements and DMs.........《more

Apacer demonstrates AP510's brand new light box at Low Yat Plaza, Thailand

Apacer demonstrates AP 510 ' s brand new light box at the Low Yat Plaza in Thailand ...... .....《more

Apacer promotes USB drives with Citibank (Thailand)

Apacer launches a cooperation with Citibank ( Thailand ) to promote its 256MB HT202 USB drive through a lottery draw for cardholders. .....《more

Brand new DMs for Apacer's full-line of DRAM products

Brand new DMs introducing the full range of Apacer's DRAM products categorized into three main product lines are available now. .....《more

Online banner for the full range of Apacer's DRAM products (China)

A banner for the full range of Apacer's DRAM products is online now (AMC). .....《more

The product cardboard for the brand-new DRAM High Value Series products is now available

The product cardboard for the brand-new DRAM High Value Series products is now available..........《 more

Multi-language colored packages for the AS820 and CD211 are now available (European Version)

Multi-language colored packages for the AS820 and CD211 are now available (European Version)..........《 more

Brand-new publicity of posters for the CD211 ( US version)

Apacer announces its brand-new posters for promoting the CD 211 in the US market..........《 more

Take a look at the flow statistics of Apacer's official websites (Chinese & English versions)

Want to know how many visitors there are visiting Apacer's official websites everyday? Where are the visitors from? Here are the statistics for your reference..........《 more

【 Asia 】
宇瞻OK(Over Clocking)系列記憶體模組
宇瞻AUDIO STENO AS820 MP3隨身聽輕巧上市
Apacer宇瞻推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
Power User: Apacer推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
PChome Online: Apacer宇瞻推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
宇瞻推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
Apacer宇瞻推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
電腦小周邊協助工作更順暢 小兵立大功
民生報: MP3隨身聽 變身迷你音響
時報周刊: 掌握千萬音樂 舞動精彩人生
自由新聞網: MP3有聲有影 最HITO
PC.com: Two for One Apacer Audio Steno AP510
PC.com: SMS Contest
HWM: Silvery Storage Device Apacer Audio Steno AP510
PCPlus: Apacer Handy Steno HF202
HWzone: Apacer OK Series
Ferra Ferra Jan 2005 product of the year 2004 Russia
Romania CHIP TIP HT203 Romania 01-2005 award Chip tip
HARDWARE Hardware HT203 (via Proca)
Digimanie : Megatest pam??ov?ch karet I: CF
PC Hemma PC Hemma SV300
ePhotozine (Davoom): New high speed memory cards from Apacer
1GB CompactFlash Card
DENKSPORT PUZZELBLADEN Apacer AV 220 puzzle metro
TEMA HEAERN Apacer Mega Steno 8-in-1 (MGA20)
Overclockers Online: Apacer OK Series
【 China
中關村在線: 逾百萬網民參與,2004年度用戶消費調查結果揭曉
OCHeaven: Apacer宇瞻推出 全功能輕巧型MP3隨身碟AS820
OCHeaven: 宇瞻AS820給你無所不在的好音樂
天極Yesky: 僅26克的全功能MP3快閃記憶體盤
PCPOP: 痛並快樂!讓人又愛又恨的20款發燒配件
非常在線: 宇瞻MP3播放器 宇瞻推出頂級五合一功能MP3新機種
科報網: 便攜式數碼照片刻錄機上市受歡迎_CP200