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Issue No.16 / Apr. 28, 2005

Apacer's Disc Steno CP300 Portable Photo DVD Burner, Image Viewer and Media Player is an Easy-to-use, Multifunction Device 

Backup data and photos from memory cards, view photos on a TV or the built-in TFT-LCD color display, print photos directly to a printer, the battery powered Disc Steno CP300 does it all anywhere, without the need for a PC

Apacer Technology Inc. Passes Sony's SS-00259 Certification Ahead of Competitors

DDR400 and DDR2-533 modules pass RoHS accreditation

Apacer Technology Inc., an innovator of digital storage applications, has just released its new Disc Steno CP300 DVD storage and multimedia device. The CP300 combines the functionality of a DVD/CD burner, a portable storage device with built-in 7-in-1 card reader, a USB 2.0 high speed external card reader, and a go anywhere media player for viewing photo slideshows and movies. Completely functional without the need for a PC, the CP300 offers a high quality color TFT-LCD, IR remote control, rechargeable lithium battery and the ability to output photos directly to a printer ..........more
Apacer Technology Inc. takes the initiative in responding to the rise of environmental awareness across the globe by implementing green processes for DRAM manufacturing. In addition to recently passing RoHS accreditation, Apacer's DDR400 modules for notebooks and DDR2 533 modules for desktops also passed the stringent Sony Technical Standard SS-00259, part of the Sony Green Partner Program, for manufacturing and packaging material.........《more

Apacer Lung Tan Plant awarded ISO14001: 2004 certification

On 6 April 2005, the Lung Tan Plant belonging to Apacer Technology received the ISO14001 certification. This indicates that Apacer's continual efforts have effectively enhanced company efficiency and image in terms of environmental management.........《 more

El Salvador delegation visits Apacer Technology

With special arrangement by Central America Trade Office, a trade-delegation from El Salvador visited Apacer Technology in the early morning of April 11. After listening to the presentation from the company and its product design, delegates were interested in Apacer's award-winning products. It was a great honor for Apacer to have this  opportunity to impress delegates with Apacer's excellent R&D and marketing capabilities. MP3 players, flash drives, and USB devices.........《 more

Latest DRAM ads: "Professional recognition for professional products" (Taiwan version) launched!

The brand new DRAM advertisements are based on the national awards that Apacer won in 2004. Amongst these awards received from home and abroad, the Gold Award of the National Awards of Excellence is the highest honor, representing the company's achievements in offering innovative products of premium quality and performance.........《 more 》.

Brand new ice-blue DRAM card board!

The brand new card board for the High Value and Overclocking series of Apacer's memory modules has been changed from green to an ice-blue color....... .....《more

Computex Taipei 2005

The biggest in Asia and the second biggest in the world, Computex Taipei 2005 is coming at the end of May. Apacer will display a wide range of brand new memory modules and digital storage products, such as Steno CD, MP3 players, flash cards, USB discs etc. We welcome you to visit us at our booths.

  • Computex Taipei 2005
  • Date: May 31 to June 4, 2005
  • Place: Hall 1, Exhibition Building,
    Taipei World Trade Center (1/F, 5 HsinYi Road Section 5, Taipei City )
  • Booth: 526-532, Zone B, Data Storage Device Area

Photoworld Manila 2005

Photoworld Manila 2005 was held in February at the Ayala Center , Manila . Here are the pictures we took there and the reports of local magazines......《more

Ads in IT Weekly (Middle East) are on!

Apacer Product Line ads were published in IT Weekly ( Middle East ) in mid-March. .....《more

Latest DDR2 667 testing report by  Digitimes announced

The latest testing report on Apacer's DDR2 667 by Digitimes of Taiwan have been announced.....《more

【 Asia 】
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