Apacer Ranked World's Fifth Biggest Independent DRAM Module Supplier

with Impressive Annual Revenue Growth of 141%

Apacer Technology Inc. (Apacer) was recently ranked as the world's fifth biggest independent DRAM module supplier according to marketing and consulting research company iSuppli. According to iSuppli's report, Apacer's 2004 revenue grew 141% with a market share of 4.5%, a 2% increase from 2003.

According to Grace Lo, DRAM Director of Apacer, in addition to strengthening relationships with DRAM suppliers in 2004, Apacer focused on cultivating the growth of emerging markets, including China, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India. The results were impressive and were strengthened by other business process improvements. In the area of product development, Apacer offered more diversified purchasing choices to customers, providing faster response for standard as well as premium product lines and services to customers. Apacer also boosted sales by introducing value-adding customization services to tailor memory module solutions for special uses. These services assure customers of receiving high-performance, high-reliability, and high-compatibility products that perfectly match their system configuration and application needs.

All Apacer DRAM modules pass stringent environmental testing (burn-in tests at high/low temperatures and high/low voltage tests) and advanced memory compatibility testing on motherboards. In addition to offering products of premium quality, performance, reliability and compatibility, Apacer provides customization services for OEM customers to meet specific requirements for reliability and performance. Besides sales gains made in consumer markets, Apacer DRAM modules were chosen by many leading system manufacturers, again reflecting positively on Apacer's commitment to maintaining the highest DRAM module quality and performance standards.

About Apacer Technology Inc.

Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital storage for both hardware and software research and development. Since the company's inception, Apacer's focus on recording, reproducing and retaining digital data of all kinds, allows our customers to "Access the best" memory products and services. Apacer is the fifth largest independent DRAM module supplier with a global sales and marketing network to support distributors, OEMs, and retail customers. Apacer has built a reputation for memory modules that offer high performance, reliability and value. Apacer also provides some of the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices that play, record, share and store the digital content that is part of everyday life. For more information about Apacer, please visit www.apacer.com.