Apacer ATA Disk Module II Certificated by EU's RoHS

Apacer Technology Inc. takes the initiative in responding to the rise of environmental awareness across the globe by implementing green processes for ATA Disk Module manufacturing. Apacer's ongoing efforts to meet the most stringent environmental protections are being formally certified and recognized, with the ultimate goal of all Apacer products complying with the highest environmental protection standards in the industry.

Currently, EU has adopted new rules for electronics following the rise of environmental awareness across the globe, with several relevant issues highly publicized and promoted. For example, the RoHS directive announced by the EU in the beginning of 2003 will prohibit the use of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE hazardous substances in electronics from July 1, 2006. Apacer's actions on lead free manufacturing processes will lessen the impact these regulations have on electronic parts and components exported to the EU.  In addition, the actions would prevent the hazard substances to human life.

According to Elton Fang, Chief Product Officer of Apacer, the company has phased in the lead free manufacturing. In May 2005, the global leading system suppliers have adopted Apacer Pb-free ATA Disk Module.  Apacer has planned the thorough processes, including establishment of the Apacer green product (AGP) team to request the partners' to provide certifications of proving the materials, parts, components, and packages are compatible to the restrictions. In addition, when using these new lead free processes, Apacer maintains strict quality control due to the different soldering material and temperatures of the PCB and SMT lines. By maintaining the same high performance and premium quality for all products manufactured using these new processes, Apacer customers gain the additional benefit of shortened lead-times for new product technical standards and better environmental compliance for their products and other related solutions.

About Apacer Technology Inc.

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