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Issue No.17 / May. 28, 2005
A new style in MP3 Player design that keeps pace with fashion trends

Apacer Introduces Two New Audio Steno Series MP3 Players

Apacer Technology Inc. is releasing two new Audio Steno Series MP3 players at the end of April 2005; the Audio Steno AV230 and AB320 create new styles in fashion for this coming summer. Both players feature a seashell as a fresh, new element of design. The Audio Steno AB320 is designed for fashion conscious people eager for a tasteful MP3 player as well as a sharp and stylish accessory. The Audio Steno AV230 is designed for young people and includes a built-in transparent photo frame that allows users to insert their favorite photo to match their personal style, mood or outfit.

According to the Product Director of Apacer, the Ocean Series' design concept was based on the graceful lines of a seashell, one of the most beautiful and pure objects found on earth. They bring users the feelings of summer, beaches, relaxation and precious leisure time. Equipped with a USB 2.0 interface, full MP3 player functionality and data storage capability, Apacer AB320 and AV230 MP3 players are fun ways for users to show their personal character while on the go.

Style and Functionality

The Audio Steno AB320 breaks from the cold and rigid look of traditional MP3 players with its sophisticated shell appearance and design. The smooth layers and wave-like contours give the AB320 a natural, organic style as well as a comfortable, pleasing feel when held in your hands. The AB320 supports .lrc/lyrics3/lyrics3 V1.1 file formats for lyric display. The extra large blue backlit LCM display clearly shows the current device status and simultaneous lyric playback while playing. Its stylish outlook and practical functions bring fashion and music together, making it an ideal accessory at home, at work, or anywhere on the go.

The Audio Steno AV230 offers extreme flexibility in choosing memory support. Users can either choose a player without built-in memory and use a SD/MMC card for primary storage, or choose one with built-in memory up to 512MB plus a SD/MMC card. The SD/MMC slot allows users to expand memory by using existing flash memory cards that can also be used in other electronic devices, making mobile digital storage more practical and flexible. The photo frame is a thoughtful and fashionable addition for users to display images of pets, loved ones or friends, matching their lifestyle right on their personalized AV230 MP3 player.

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