Apacer eNews
Issue No.18 / July. 1, 2005

Apacer Introduces the HC212 "Ocean Wave" Flash Drive

The fresh spiral design brings style and function to mobile storage

Apacer to Display Fully Buffered DIMM Memory Module at Computex Taipei 2005

FB-DIMM memory modules to fulfill high-bandwidth, high-speed and high-capacity requirements of servers and workstations

Apacer Technology Inc. (Apacer) introduces a brand new Handy Steno Series product – the Handy Steno HC212 "Ocean Wave" flash drive. Its spiral design brings a fresh "ocean element" of design and style to the flash drive market. ...........more
Apacer Technology Inc. is staying ahead of the competition by displaying a Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) memory module at Computex 2005. Apacer is committed to become a leading supplier of FB-DIMM memory modules with manufacturing in place to support the server and workstation sector's widespread adoption of FB-DIMM memory scheduled to take off in 1H 2006.........《more

Apacer Wins National Award of Excellence 2005
Apacer Adds Another National Award of Excellence for its World's First OTG Portable Photomate.....《more

Apacer at Computex Taipei 2005

Apacer Technology Inc. displayed its newest memory modules and digital storage products at Computex Taipei 2005 from May 31 to June 4 including the newest DDRII, Fully Buffered DIMM memory modules, Disc Steno, Share Steno, MP3 players, flash cards and USB flash drives.

Apacerat promotes education for the visually impaired and creates barrier-free learning environments with MP3 players

Apacer on June 7th collaborated with Lottery Technology Services Corporation and Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind to build the e-Book Platform for people that are visually impaired. Apacer and Lottery Technology Services Corp. donated 900 MP3 players to create an excellent learning platform for the visually impaired by integrating MP3 players into the e-Book Platform and mobile storage technologies......more

Apacer runs its new brand image advertisement!

Apacer ran its new brand image advertisements in Business Weekly (vols. 914, 915, 916) to promote its "Access the best" new brand image.

Apacer promotes new flash card series for photographers (Asia Pacific)

Apacer has been advertising the new flash card series for photographers. This series helps users easily store, view and share precious moments with family and friends, anytime and anywhere.........《more

Apacer released advertisements for its new mobile series flash cards for camera phones with enhanced features to store video, images, music files and personal data..........《more

Apacer published a new brochure for the full line of digital storage applications covering product information for multimedia storage, MP3 players, USB flash drives and flash card series.........《more

The Commart Show takes place in Bangkok, Thailand three times a year. In May, Apacer displayed the new Ocean Series MP3 players, the HC212 flash drive and more. Here are some event photos taken during the May 26th –29th event.

Attractive countertop motion displays specifically designed for USB flash drives, MP3 players and memory modules are on display at local retail stores.

Apacer's KMall retail store opened in April and recently added new decorations. This included new banners and image wall to display Apacer's brand and image.

Apacer published a new brochure for the full line of digital storage applications.......《more

The lovely cartoon figure shaped Lifetime Guarantee signboard for memory modules and flash cards was erected at local retail stores......《more

Apacer introduced new Mobile Series flash cards for camera phones with product features aimed exclusively for mobile multimedia.....《more

Apacer introduced new Mobile Series flash cards for camera phones with product features aimed exclusively for mobile multimedia.

The new advertisement for the HC212 USB flash drive will be released soon!.....《more

Apacer to premier new advertisement for the HC212 USB flash drive coming up this summer (Summer Enjoyment)

The advertisement for the HC212 USB flash drive will be released this summer. Users can experience this fun storage device while enjoying their summer leisure time......《more

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電子時報: 宇瞻HC212珊瑚碟 海洋風味濃
中國時報: 玩造型 隨身碟海洋風
DCView 數位視野: Apacer OTG「隨身存」獲頒國家產品形象銀質獎
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