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Issue No.19 / Aug. 2, 2005


Apacer Launches MMCplusTM and MMCmobileTM Flash Cards

World's Fastest and Most Energy Efficient Solutions for Camera Phones and Mobile Storage
Apacer Technology Inc. launches their latest Mobile Series flash cards, the MMCplusTM and MMCmobileTM .... MORE>>


Apacer's golden DDR2 667 wins the SILVER AWARD from HWM in Malaysia

Apacer's Golden DDR2 667 wins the Silver Award from Malaysia Hardware MAG. The golden DDR2 667 scored a rating of 8.0 out of 10, with the magazine calling it the " Golden RAM for the Dual-Cores" MORE>>

Apacer cooperates with Kingstone bookstore chain for book exhibition
Experience the Disc Steno CP300 "Burn Everywhere" digital storage capability at these exhibitions MORE>>

Apacer DRAM Module Notebook checklist (Taiwan)
Apacer DRAM modules are compatible with several NB brands, this checklist shows most updated MORE>>
Apacer's complete Digital Storage Series product line DM (Taiwan)
Due to the corporate identity change, Apacer's Experience Hall billboard has a new version MORE>>
DDR466/DDR500 Ad (Taiwan)
CDDR466/DDR500 Ad released in Game Walker magazine MORE>>
  Apacer Flash Cards AD (Taiwan)
Apacer's entire series of flash cards allow customers to capture life's precious moments MORE>>
AMJ High Value Series Japanese version package
Apacer provides a different language version package for stronger brand awareness MORE>>
Flash Card banner for website (Thai Market)
The new flash card banner for Thai market website released MORE>>
Apacer passed ASUS Green Product Audit
Apacer passed the ASUS Green Product Audit and qualified to be a formal supplier. Nearly fifty suppliers joined the audit and only three passed. Apacer received 88.7 points for the general review. MORE>>
New brochure for full line of digital applications published (Indonesia)
Apacer published a new brochure for the full line of digital storage applications covering product information for multimedia storage, MP3 players, USB flash drives and flash card series. MORE>>
Apacer Flash Card flag (Korea)
Apacer flash card flag new designed for Korea retailers MORE>>
Apacer flash card color box (Korea)
New design of flash card color box for Korea market MORE>>
Apacer MP3 player and flash card stand(Korea)
New stand design special for Korea market of AV-230、AB-320 MP3 player and Flash card MORE>>
Eva air and Apacer promote in Thailand and Malaysia
Eva air and Apacer new coming up event--- Buy from Taiwan, fly to Taiwan super promotion! Win a return ticket to enchanting Taiwan from Eva air MORE>>


Digital Catch Magazine Korea : Apacer flash cards introduction
Digital Catch Magazine Korea : Apcer SD high speed
HWM Thailand : Apacer in Computex 2005
HWM Malaysia : Apacer Miss Personality serch
HWM Malaysia : Music & Storage with Apacer
PC Plus Malaysia : Computex Taipei 2005
PC Plus Malaysia : Apacer Handy Steno 256MB HC212
Hardware Zone Malaysia : Apacer Introduces the HC212 "Ocean Wave" Flash Drives
Hardware Zone Malaysia : Apacer Introduces World's First 150X 2 GB SD Flash Card
Hardware Zone Malaysia : Apacer's DDR2 Memory Modules Win Global Media Recognition
Hardware House Thailand : Apacer Introduces World's First 150X 2 GB SD Flash Card, MMC Plus, MMC Mobile, MMC2GB 
Digital 4U : Apacer Introduces 150XSDC & MMC Mobile
Digital 4U : Apacer Introduces AP510
Digital 4U : Apacer Introduces AS820
Digital 4U: Apacer Introduces Handy Steno series
Hame Axis Malaysia : Apacer 150X SDC and HC212


PC Advisor : CD311 + MGA20
PC Revue : CD311
PCM / PCMweb.nl : SD and SD high speed
PC Magazine : CD311
DigitalKamera : CP300
Digital World online : CP300
Fotofenster.de : CP300
Photo scala : CP300
image.scene : CP300
gfw photo publishing : CP300
CE Trade : CP300
Computerpartner online : CP300
Microsoft online : HT203
image.scene : SD 150x
Digital World online : SD 150x
Computerpartner : CP300
Fotofenster.de : SD 150x
www.pc.no : AS820
Computer idee : AV230
Digi foto : CP300
Mikrodatorn : HT203
Digitailing : Apacer win Award of Excellence 2005
ifotovideo : SD150x
persberichten : SD150x
persberichten :OTG win national silver award
Dutch connection : SD 150x
Fotomagazin : CP200
DDR2's new SP design (AD ,flag ,table stand ,3D stand)
Japan markets Apple memory package
High Value Series new package design
DDR2 new sticker design
CP300 burning service at chain bookstores on July 17, 24, 30, and August 14 in Taiwan
Apacer AD will be shown on KMall billboard
Apacer Kaohsiung store opening

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