eNews Issue No.21 / Oct. 1, 2005

Apacer Set to Surf the Mobile Multimedia Wave
World's Fastest 290x MMCplus
TM Card Leads the Demand For High-Speed Mobile Device Memory

Apacer is supporting the growing mobile multimedia application market of nearly 780 million handsets by releasing the world's fastest 290x MMCplusTM card ..  more>>


Apacer Technology is first Asian memory maker to collaborate with Intel, IDT and NEC on FB-DIMM development

Apacer Technology continues to be a leader in fully buffered DIMM technology and is collaborating with Intel, IDT and NEC on FB-DIMM development. By passing compatibility testing on leading manufacturers' systems, particularly with its excellent performance..... more>>

DDR2 new retail package label

Helps customers easily distinguish between DDR1 & DDR2 with specifications and speeds clearly defined more>>

New cardboard design for standard DRAM modules for Apacer's China market

The new design is based on Apacer's new Visual Identity to provide the clear ID and branding on the cardboard packaging

New advertisement banner for Apacer high-performance DDR466/500 modules

Featured on Over-Clocker Heaven (OCH), this banner ad is for the strong selling, high-performance DDR466/500 modules. http://oc.com.tw   more>>

New print advertisement for CP300 features a beautiful dancer

Store the memory "Forever" with Apacer's CP300 Portable DVD/CD Burner. more>>
New promotional advertisement for Apacer CP300

Easy to use, share and store your digital memories, anytime, anywhere- This add explains the Apacer CP300 Portable DVD/CD Burner. more>>

Apacer's new Flash Card Mobile Series advertisement for Cell phones

An add for Nonstop Enjoyment, using Apacer's new Mobile Series...more>>

The grand opening of Apacer's Experience Hall on Sept. 24 in Kaoshiung, Taiwan

The grand opening of Apacer Experience Hall on Sept. 24 in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, includes special promotions and fun to introduce the new store!...more>>

Philippine PC Buyer Guide Advertisement

Philippine's largest PC Buyer Guide has two advertisements for Apacer's new lifestyle products and DRAM DDR2 modules  more >>

Apacer will exhibit all of its products at Gitex Dubai 2005

Apacer will have outdoor banners and advertisements to promote its full-line of lifestyle and DRAM products at the world's top 3 IT exhibition more >>

Apacer's outdoor sign board for Iran Market

Apacer's outdoor sign board designed for the Iran market. more >>


Apacer's Miss Personality Contest in PC Fair in KL, Malaysia with HWM Magazine

In the biggest Malaysian computer show " PC Fair ", Apacer held the Miss Personality Search for three days. Apacer cooperated with HWM and Hair Design College for this event. Participation was high and the response was excellent. Pictures of the twelve finalists were in HWM Magazine in September. more >>



Hardware Zone :Apacer Set to Surf the Mobile Multimedia Wave

PC Fair 2005:3C Digital Sept., Malaysia

SD card Comparision:MAX-It




Tom's 硬體指南 Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻隨身燒AD330登場 與JVC攜手開創數位攝影新紀元

數位影像坊 Digital Image Studio :宇瞻隨身燒AD330登場 與JVC攜手開創數位攝影新紀元





NOVA:Apacer宇瞻科技 - HC212 珊瑚碟-Blue 256MB超海洋 超悠閒 超夏天 !




電腦DIY(COMPUTER DIY Magazinem):宇瞻海洋之星MP3隨身聽AB320

中國時報北市A(China Times):隨身燒好燒


Tom's 硬體指南 Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻隨身燒系列驚喜大方送 超值回饋好禮限時登場

電腦硬派(PC DIY):宇瞻科技領先推出全球最高150倍速SD快速記憶卡

電腦硬派(PC DIY):店家大賞

電腦硬派(PC DIY):Apacer宇瞻科技結合金石堂旗標電腦書展

PC WEEK資訊傳真週刊:宇瞻/JVC革新數位攝影

電腦DIY(COMPUTER DIY Magazine):Apacer MMCplus MMCmobile快閃記憶卡


digitalhome 數位家庭:Apacer宇瞻科技隨身燒系列產品驚喜大方送



OC超頻者天堂: 讓超頻更上層樓-宇瞻DDR500 512MB


Pro II & SD150X:Colorfoto: Germany

Dram:PCM: Netherlands

AV230, AS820, CP300:Stuff: Lithuania

AS820:www.softmag.com : Norway

CD311:Grande Magazine: Netherlands / Belgium

MMCplus 290X:www.persberichten.com: Netherlands

Photo steno Pro II 1GB:Computerweek: Italy

HC212:Stuff: Lithuania (august issue)

MGA20:Computer Bild Lietuva: Lithuania (February issue)

HC212:Computer Bild Lietuva: Lithuania (July issue)

SD150X + Photo Steno Pro II:Digital World: Norway

SD150X:Photopresse: Germany

CP300:Computer Idee: Netherlands

CD311/CD211/CP300/div. cards:Fotovisie (Netherlands)



IT世界:小體積可裝世界 Apacer迷你數碼存儲卡




中國電腦教育報:DDRⅡ 產品測試點評

小熊在線:慧眼巧識筆記本記憶體 升級不費吹灰之力

中國電腦報:宇瞻AS820 MP3快閃記憶體盤

中國電腦報:宇瞻2GB MMC

IT世界;記憶體廠商玩轉存儲卡 宇瞻SD卡到貨

電腦應用文摘:7款DDR2 533記憶體大較量-宇瞻


走進中關村:專業品質,宇瞻閃盤Handy Steno HT202

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