Issue No.22 / Nov. 1, 2005


Mega Steno AM190

Apacer's Mega Steno AM190 19-in-1 Card Reader is a Hi-Speed USB2.0 Multi-card reader that provides convenient connection between your PC and flash memory cards..  more>>



Apacer has released a high-capacity DDR333 4GB ECC Registered DIMM memory module specially designed for AMD Socket 940 high-end servers and workstations. This new memory module allows systems to maximize available memory slots and improve heat dissipation in high density configurations. ..... more>>


Apacer's Handy Steno Wins Japan's 2005 “Good Design Award” (G-Mark)

An Apacer USB flash drive won Japan's Good Design Award for the second year in a row. The Handy Steno HA202 won because of its excellent design and environmentally safe manufacturing. more>>

Apacer Products Win 2005 “Good Design Product” Awards in Taiwan  

Several Apacer products won the 2005 “Good Design Product” award in Taiwan. The winning products are the Handy Steno HA202 and Handy Steno HC212 USB flash drives, the Audio Steno AB320 and Audio Steno AV230 MP3 players, and the Disc Steno AD330 multimedia storage device.

Apacer Joins Taiwan Design Expo 2005 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Apacer participated in the 3 rd annual Taiwan Design Expo 2005 at Wei Camp in Kaohsiung County from Oct. 15 to Oct. 30. more>>

Embedded Flash Solution Brochure Released

From the brochure, customers can easily get the major Embedded Flash selling points, all the products' information, specifications and part numbers. . more>>
Apacer Secure Digital Cards Bundled with PaPaGo! V5 Navigator GPS Software.

Starting in October, Apacer's Secure Digital Cards come bundled with Maction Technologies' PaPaGO! V5 NAVIGATOR Electronic Map Navigation Software that includes a large information database and travel information to allow users to easily check, plan and print information (limited offer, while supply lasts) . more>>

Apacer at Gitex Dubai 2005

Apacer's photos at Gitex Dubai 2005 from Sept. 25 to 29. ...more>>


Apacer at “IT Week Hanoi 2005”

Apacer demonstrated its products at “IT Week Hanoi 2005” from Sep. 26 to Oct. 3, 2005 .more>>


Apacer's 512 MB miniSD Memory Card Bundled with Kinpo's New iDo S600 Pocket PC Phone

Apacer's 512 MB miniSD Memory Card   Bundled with Kinpo's iDo S600 Pocket PC Phone  more >>

Apacer's DDR400 Memory Modules Win the Best Overclocking Award from “mydrivers.com” in China

Apacer's DDR400 Memory Modules Won the Best Overclocking Award from “mydrivers.com” in China. more >>

Apacer's DDRII 533 Memory Module Wins PC Home's Editor's Choice Award

Apacer's DDRII 533 Memory Module Won PC Home's Editor's Choice Award out of 28 competing memory modules. . more >>


Apacer Showcases Products at “China Hi-Tech Fair” in Shenzhen, China from Oct. 12 to 17

Apacer showcased its products at TAITRA's Taiwan Symbol Of Excellence Winner's pavilion at the “China Hi-Tech Fair” which ran from Oct. 12 -17 in Shenzhen, China.  more >>

Digitalhome Magazine: Interview with Austin Chen, President of Apacer

AD330 vs JVC Everio G series. more >>



Tone - New Zealand:AD330 DVD Burner

Tone - New Zealand:Give it the finger- HA202

Tone - New Zealand:Win! Apacer AB320 MP3 player

HWM Malaysia - Malaysia:Apacer Handy Steno HA202









Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻SD記憶卡加贈PaPaGo!

PChome Online 網路家庭:數位儲存應用商機無窮 宇瞻科技不缺席

聯合理財網:數位儲存應用商機無窮 宇瞻科技不缺席

Yahoo!奇摩新聞:數位儲存應用商機無窮 宇瞻科技不缺席


PCDIY!:宇瞻專賣店 高雄店 9月24日開幕慶

MAN'S STYLE:數位時尚享樂主義 – AB320

MAN'S STYLE:數位時尚享樂主義 – AP510


@live:魔法貝殼機 AV230



Let's go Digital: Netherlands : CD311

Let's go Digital: Netherlands : High Speed SD 150X

Let's go Digital: Netherlands:MMC Plus + MMC Mobile

CDR Info: Europe:DDR2 667

CDR Info: Europe:DDR 500

CDR Info: Europe: Apacer vs Transcend (DDR2 533 MHZ)

CDR Info: Europe:AB320

www.dfip.nl: Netherlands:MMCplus 290X

www.letsgodigital.org.nl: Netherlands:MMCplus 290X

www.letsgodigital.org.nl: Netherlands:Handy Steno HA202

www.gamer.nl: Netherlands:CD311

Geographical: UK:ten of the best CP300

PC Net: Turkey:SD + MMC

Prohardver: Hungary:CD211

Mac PC: Germany:CP300

CDR Info: Europe:SD150X

PCHemma: Sweden:Embedded Card Reader ER151

Focus Netherlands:Disc Steno CP300


PC Klubas in Lithuania:HA202, HT203

Office 1 Superstore October 2005





極速網:[宇瞻]金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

小熊線上:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

IT168:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

PCHOME:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR2 800系列

矽谷動力:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

PCSHOW:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈高端DDR2 800系列!

計世網:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

易特網:宇瞻金牌記憶體發佈DDR 2 800系列

中關村線上:性能出眾!宇瞻512M DDR2現只賣380元

電腦之家:2005年度主流DDRII 533記憶體橫向評測



PCPOP:讓性能提升! 宇瞻DDRII-800記憶體圖賞


PCHOME:宇瞻512M DDR現價只賣385元

PCHOME:誰比我能超!28條DDRII記憶體橫評 Apacer宇瞻 DDRII 512MB UNB PC4300記憶體

驅動之家:驅動之家DDR400記憶體橫向評測 APACER DDR400

Apacer於泰國 Commart show 11/17 - 20 登場

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