Issue No.24 / Jan. 1, 2006


Apacer Takes Leading Role in Environmental Compliance with DRAM Module Certification by Major Taiwan Manufactures

Apacer commits to a healthy environment by meeting the global green standard


Apacer has successfully obtained RoHS approval from several major Taiwanese manufacturers, including ASUSTek Computer Inc., Portwell Inc. and Infortrend Technology Inc. Complying with environmental regulatory requirements from the EU and other organizations is an integral part of Apacer's corporate mission. Because environmental policies affect everyone, Apacer strives to do what it can to improve the world we all live in. Apacer has been implementing green technology through its innovative product designs, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing and services. Apacer is working aggressively to meet RoHS compliance. Apacer proudly points out that from January 2006, most Apacer DRAM Module shipments will be RoHS compliant, which is a half year earlier than the EU's July 2006 deadline.

With global environmental consciousness becoming increasingly more aware, green products have become a requirement in a number of major markets. The EU, Japan and North America lead the way by enforcing more strict environmental protection policies. As a global leading DRAM module provider, Apacer takes the responsible action to ensure that its products and operations meet all applicable environmental regulatory requirements. Apacer not only focuses on green design and technology for manufacturing, but also extends its strict green standards to its upstream supply chain that includes IC components and raw materials. Apacer also ensures its products, which include packaging, can be used safely and be recycled to conform to EU requirements for RoHS.  

As a global corporate citizen, Apacer constantly looks for ways to contribute to society and protect the ecology. Besides getting certifications and adhering to other regulations, Apacer is always doing what is best for the market, our customers and the environment we all share.

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