Issue No.24 / Jan. 1, 2006


Apacer's New 2GB miniSD(TM) and 1GB RS-MMC Cards Offer Highest Capacities for 3G Camera Phones

New mobile flash cards meet users' 3G camera phones' storage needs


Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory module and digital storage, has just released 2GB miniSD(TM) and 1GB RS-MMC cards that represent breakthroughs in flash memory-size and the highest capacities in the world. Both these cards are being used in the newest 3G camera phones because of their small size and large storage capacity. These cards make it easier for users to download, store and share their favorite music, high-resolution photos/videos and games wherever they go. They also provide the storage space needed for the multi-megapixel cameras now standard on almost all these new phones.


According to Apacer's Chief Product Officer, Elton Fang, “3G services combine high resolution camera phone access with Internet services and greatly extend many interesting multimedia functions such as videoconferencing (video telephony), music downloading, email sending/receiving, plus other uses such as online gaming. Users are able to use their camera phones to take high-resolution MPEG4 video, email and stream high-quality video, and enjoy faster wireless downloads for higher-quality music files and more. Apacer mobile flash cards provide the speed and storage capacity these 3G camera phones absolutely need.”


The miniSD card size is only 40% the size of a SD flash memory card, is compatible with SDA (SD Card Association) version SD 1.1 and speed up to 120x data read/write performance. This 2GB miniSD card is suitable for multimedia portable storage for audio/video/image data. For example, it can store about 11,000 1.3M Pixel (1280 x 960) JPEG photos, 720 minutes of non-stop MPEG4 recording or about 500 MP3 or other format digital music. Apacer's miniSD cards come with an adapter to work as a SD card in PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players and the latest 3G camera phones. Apacer's new 1GB RS-MMC card is compatible with MMCA version 3.31 and is half the size of MMC flash cards. Apacer includes an extender with every RS-MMC card so it can be easily used as a MMC card in 3G camera phones and other portable devices.
As 3G services continue to gain momentum in global markets, more and more users use 3G camera phones to download favorite MP3 or exciting java games, share high-resolution images or videos with friends and sending/receiving emails. All these expanded multimedia functions need high-speed and high capacity such as Apacer miniSD 2GB to support. Apacer has continuously made breakthroughs in developing high-capacity miniSD and RS-MMC cards. These two new 2GB miniSD and 1GB RS-MMC cards put Apacer in a leading position to meet consumers' high capacity flash storage needs.
Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital storage for both hardware and software research and development. Since the company's inception, Apacer's focus on recording, reproducing and retaining digital data of all kinds, allows our customers to “Access the best” memory products and services. Apacer is the fifth largest independent DRAM module supplier with a global sales and marketing network to support distributors, OEMs, and retail customers. Apacer has built a reputation for memory modules that offer high performance, reliability and value. Apacer also provides some of the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices that play, record, share and store the digital content that is part of everyday life. For more information about Apacer, please visit www.apacer.com.

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