Issue No.24 / Jan 1, 2006


Apacer's New 2GB miniSD(TM) and 1GB RS-MMC Cards Offer Highest Capacities for 3G Camera Phones

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory module and digital storage, has just released 2GB miniSD(TM) and 1GB RS-MMC cards that represent breakthroughs in flash memory-size and the highest capacities in the world.....  more>>

Apacer Takes Leading Role in Environmental Compliance with DRAM Module Certification by Major Taiwan Manufactures

Apacer has successfully obtained RoHS approval from several major Taiwanese manufacturers, including ASUSTek Computer Inc., Portwell Inc. and Infortrend Technology Inc......  more>>

Apacer logo enhancement

In order to increase the effectiveness of the Apacer logo, the earlier 2 block logo with Apacer has been changed to Apacer logo including a tagline (Access the best). The reasons for the enhancement include:

•  Make the Apacer logo more effective

•  Make Apacer logo more clear

•  Strengthen the Apacer brand name

•  Easier to use on all Apacer materials and a more simplified internal and external communications.

Attached is a sample for your reference. .... . more>>

“94 IT Month” Show Held in Taipei, Taiwan

“94 IT Month” took place from Dec. 3 rd - 11 th in Pavilion 1 and 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center. This was the first year Apacer set up its own booth at the exhibition to demo and sell Apacer's full-line of products which included DRAM modules and digital lifestyle products such as USB flash drives, flash cards, MP3 players, and multimedia storage devices. During the exhibition, Apacer also ran special promotional programs and offered special gifts to users.   n.... .

Apacer's Handy Steno HA202 USB flash drive displayed at “Advanced Technology Concept Pavilion” during “94 IT Month” show in Taipei, Taiwan  

During the “94 IT Month” show in Taipei, Taiwan, Apacer's Handy Steno HA202 USB flash drive was demonstrated in the “IT Proud” Section of the “Advanced Technology Concept Pavilion”. Along with other products which also won the most recognized international awards in 2005, The HA202 featured its unique product design and innovation to the public. . ........ . more>>

Apacer miniSD card advertisement released in Taiwan - Lovers of Mobile Audio/Video

Apacer advertisement for miniSD cards for mobile phone series in Taiwan. . . more>>
Advertisement in Taiwan - Cherish Forever, Only Apacer Flash Cards

Apacer's Advertisement for its full line of flash cards in Taiwan. ... . more>>

Handy Steno HA202 advertisement with Special Edition G-MARK Award in Taiwan

Apacer USB flash drive, Handy Steno HA202 with G-MARK Award logo advertisement in Taiwan, along with cool stylish to reflect the products' classic taste. .......more>>


Apacer's PC4300 DDR2 wins “The Editor's Choice Recommendation” from PC HOME Magazine in China

Apacer's PC4300 DDR2 wins the “The Editor's Choice Recommendation” award from PC HOME Magazine in China. ..... .more>>


Apacer's server memory modules DM for ASUS servers with compatibility table

This Apacer DM helps distributors to sell and fully understand the compatibility between Apacer server memory modules and ASUS servers. .  more >>

Apacer receives Green Management System Verification from ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.

Apacer's DDR1 and DDR2 DRAM modules met the environmental regulatory requirements and received the Green Management System Verification from ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. , .......more >>


Apacer's Christmas ecard

Apacer wishes all partners and friends a happy holiday season with this Christmas ecard. ....  . . more >>


Caring Forward with Apacer MP3 players

Apacer and Lottery Technology Services Corp. together donated 900 MP3 players to the MP3 Player & Audio ebook Program for the Blind started by Lottery Technology Services Corp. with the Cultural and Educational Foundation for The Blind, R.O.C. The mobility of MP3 players makes them effective educational and learning tools for people with vision difficulties. Apacer is honored to participate in the program. . .... .  more >>

Apacer had booth at PC Fair III, the biggest show in Malaysia

Apacer joined the biggest trade show in Malaysia, PC Fair III, from Dec. 2 - 4. ”....... more >>

A Compatibility guide for flash cards and multimedia storage is available now on Apacer's website

In order to let customers easily find the compatibility of flash cards and multimedia storage, Apacer added a Compatibility Guide to its website on Dec 24th.   ( http://www.apacer.com/en/support/compatibility_guide.asp )


HWM Philippine Gift Guide 2006: Keep Apace of professional needs

HWM Malaysia : Sun, Sea & Music

Thailand : Apacer 150X 2D Flash Card

ENEWS Thailand: DDR333 4GB ECC Registered DIMM


Digitimes電子時報:Apacer introduces personal accessory flash disk drive

DCView 數位視野:Apacer 發表 miniSD 1GB-2GB 與RS-MMC 1GB

DCView 數位視野:Apacer宇瞻科技USB隨身碟連續兩年獲頒日本Good Design Award設計獎


DCView 數位視野:Apacer宇瞻科技臺北資訊月超值優惠

NOVA 全國最大電腦賣場:Apacer宇瞻科技 - USB隨身碟連續兩年獲頒日本Good Design Award設計獎

PowerUser:Apacer宇瞻科技發表全球最高容量miniSD 1GB/2GB與RS-MMC1GB記憶卡

Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻資訊月超值優惠 超值回饋好禮樂翻天 

Xuite日誌:流浪風之穀:雙向傳輸OTG-宇瞻APACER的 CD211

Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻HA202 USB隨身碟獲頒日本Good Design Award設計獎

OC超頻者天堂:宇瞻USB隨身碟連續兩年獲日本Good Design Award設計獎


OC超頻者天堂:宇瞻發表最高容量miniSD 1GB-2GB與RS-MMC 1GB記憶卡

Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻資訊月超值優惠 超值回饋好禮樂翻天

PCMagazine:資訊月週邊採購 小小一片 好用無限
Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB記憶卡


Iweek_CP300 : Apacer's CP300 DVD/CD burner

www.nieuwsbank.nl : Apacer's New 2GB miniSD and 1GB RS-MMC Cards Offer Highest Capacities…


小熊線上:宇瞻科技與 Intel 等共同開發 Fully Buffered DIMM

小熊 線上:三年包換,終身保固宇瞻金牌記憶體服務全面升級

Hardspell : 宇瞻推出全球最高速 290X 快閃記憶卡

ZOL中關村線上:獨特雙通道 宇瞻發佈200速4GB快閃記憶體盤
PChome_net:三年包換 終身保固 宇瞻金牌記憶體服務全面升級
eNet硬體頻道:三年包換,終身保固 宇瞻記憶體服務升級
IT168_com:三年包換 終身保固 宇瞻金牌記憶體服務升級
家用電腦:宇瞻PC4300 DDR2
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