eNews Issue No.25 / Feb 8, 2006

Apacer Launches High Capacity 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, has just released a new high-capacity 8 GB Photo Steno Pro II. This 100x CompactFlash card is specially designed for professional photographers using FAT32 file format compatible high-end DSLR cameras...  more>>


Apacer’s Full Line of Embedded Flash Solutions Gain RoHS Compliance


Apacer  Technology Inc., announces that its full line of embedded flash products are RoHS compliant as of January 2006. Lead-free manufacturing helps reduce the impact on the environment; RoHS compliance reflects Apacer's continuing corporate commitment to protecting the environment  ..... more>>


Grand opening of Apacer's store in Nova Computer Plaza, Taichung, Taiwan on Jan. 22, 2006

Apacer's new store opens in Nova Computer Plaza, one of the biggest computer chains in Taiwan. The new store is a great way to sell and promote Apacer products. .... . more>>

Apacer's new advertisement for Extended Temperature Embedded Flash Solutions

Apacer's new advertisement for Extended Temperature Embedded Flash Solutions stresses the excellent reliability, flexibility and performance to satisfy customers' demanding flash applications.   .... . more>>

A Special promotion program for the grand opening of Apacer's new store in Nova Computer Plaza in Taichung, Taiwan on Jan. 22, 2006


During Apacer's grand opening of its store in Nova Computer Plaza, a very popular electronics retail center in Taichung, Taiwan, Apacer held a special promotion featuring the full line of Apacer's products. ........ . more>>

Apacer Redesigns/Updates DRAM module blister package

In order to make it easier to scan bar code stickers and also use for upgrade DRAM modules, Apacer has redesigned the blister package. . . more>>
Apacer's new handbag design

The neat and elegant handbag design highlights Apacer's unique logo and helps enhance Apacer's brand image. .... . more>>

Apacer's new image wall at Apacer Headquarters in Taiwan

The children in the picture represent life and activity. Apacer wants users to trust their precious memories with its products. .......more>>

Apacer's new image walls for Digital Storage and DRAM Modules/ Industrial Flash Products

In order to show appreciation to Apacer's customers, handy flash card holders are available now as gifts..... .more>>


Apacer's new template for presentation materials for brand enhancement

Apacer provides the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices and storage products that play, record, share and store the digital content that is part of everyday life. This new template shows Apacer has the products that can help any person share their special moments in life.... more >>

AQR's HQ120 cardboard for USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Apacer's Europe branch launches the AQR HQ120 USB2.0 flash drive. ..... more >>

Apacer releases new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AQ323

Apacer's new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AQ323, is available now in Asia Pacific and European regions. . ...... more >>


Flash animation for Apacer's HA202 USB Flash Drive

The animation for Apacer's Handy Steno HA202, the design brings up the theme of “Save your secrets in style” and helps users easily understand how to use the HA202. .... .  more >>



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中天電視網:3C週邊產品 規格新速度快

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技發表8GB高容量CompactFlash 100X記憶卡

DC VIEW:Apacer 8GB 100x CF 實測

超頻者天堂:全新Apacer宇瞻專賣店 台中NOVA店 1月22日慶開幕

DC VIEW:全新Apacer宇瞻專賣店 – 台中NOVA店 1月22日慶開幕

DIGITIMES:宇瞻發表4G 200X隨身碟203

DIGI OHOTO:Apacer 100x CF記憶卡

NOVA情報誌:Apacer宇瞻科技發表全球mini SD最高容量記憶卡

NOVA情報誌:Apacer 512MB/1GB SD

KMALL賞務誌:宇瞻科技發表全球最高容量mini SD
中國時報:3C周邊商品 規格新速度快
捷運娛樂周報:Apacer宇瞻科技 超高容量記憶卡領先業界
D-CROSS:Apacer宇瞻科技發表8GB高容量CompactFlash 100X記憶卡
數位影像坊:宇瞻科技 Photo Steno Pro II 100x超高速記憶卡測試報告
DCView 數位視野:Apacer宇瞻科技發表8GB高容量CompactFlash 100X記憶卡
DC View數位視野:Apacer宇瞻科技領先發表全球最高速 200X 隨身碟 - HT203
數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻發表8GB高容量CompactFlash 100X記憶卡
NOVA:Apacer宇瞻科技 - Handy Steno HA202閃銀殺手
Poweruser:全新Apacer宇瞻專賣店台中NOVA店 1月22日慶開幕
Poweruser:Apacer宇瞻科技發表8GB高容量CompactFlash 100X記憶卡
Tom's硬體指南:宇瞻8GB高容量100X CF記憶卡
中時新聞網(中國時報 E3/聰明消費):3C週邊產品 規格新速度快
Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻8GB高容量100X CF記憶卡


硬派網:宇瞻發表miniSD 2G與RS-MMC 1G數碼卡
硅谷動力:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB數碼卡
小熊在線:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB數碼卡
驅動之家:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB數碼卡
極速網:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB
橄欖樹:宇瞻發表miniSD 1GB、2GB與RS-MMC 1GB數碼卡
PC Online:2005年宇瞻科技以品質實現品牌飛躍

Photo World in Manila coming up. (2/9 ~ 2/14).

Apacer HA202 / HT202 / HT203 will bundle Taango.
Handy Steno AH220 is going to launch.
Handy Steno AH320 is going to launch.

Audio Steno AU821 is going to launch.

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