eNews Issue No.28 / May 10, 2006
Semi-translucent, Compact Elegance, Apacer Introduces Its All New USB2.0 Flash Drive


Apacer announces the release of its all new USB 2.0 flash drive – the Handy Steno AH320. With high-speed and smooth data transfer, semi-translucent and soft contour design features, the Handy Steno AH320 is the internal and external embodiment of elegant simplicity in a flash drive. .. ...  more>>

Apacer is First Asian DRAM Module Maker Certified by Intel Platform Memory Organization for Fully Buffered DIMM .

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, continues its close collaboration with Intel on FB-DIMM development for servers and workstations. By passing strict validation testing and maintaining excellent performance .... more>>
Visit Apacer at Computex Taipei 2006 from June 6 to 10

Apacer will demonstrate its newest products at Computex Taipei 2006. We welcome all channel partners to visit the Apacer booth at D026, D036, D125 and D135, Hall One. . . . .... . more>>

Maximize Blade Server Performance with Apacer's DDR Very Low Profile (VLP) 1 GB and 2 GB ECC Registered Memory Module

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, is releasing new DDR Very Low Profile (VLP) memory modules in 1 GB and 2 GB sizes. The 2 GB ECC Registered DIMM uses advanced BGA technology to stack two layers of chips on each side of the memory module, giving the module a low profile with a height of 18.30 mm and width of 30.35 mm .... . more>>

Apacer showcases its cutting-edge memory modules at Intel Solution Summit 2006 (ISS 2006)

As the only Asian memory maker invited to the APAC Intel Solution Summit 2006 in Sanya, Hainan, China from April 20 to 22, Apacer displayed its complete line of memory modules and Fully Buffered DIMMs that included DDR2 533 and DDR2 667 with capacities from 512MB to 2GB. ......more>>

Apacer joins 2006 Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in

Silicon Valley, USA

Apacer wants to share photos from the 2006 Embedded Systems conference (ESC) at McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California which ran from April 4 to 6. . . . . . more>>

Apacer's advertisement introduces New Flash Card Packaging designs in Taiwan

Apacer has released new packaging for its entire line of flash cards. The new packaging makes it easy for customers to find the flash cards they need on store shelves with effective wording and color designs. The new packaging further enhances Apacer's product identity and brand consistency for global retail channels ... .more>>

New advertisement for Apacer notebook memory in Taiwan

Apacer's advertisement in Taiwan promotes DDR 400 and DDR2 533/667 notebook memory from 256MB to 1GB. The ad highlights excellent compatibility and superior performance for all kinds of notebook computers. .......more>>

Apacer Audio Steno AU821 eBrochure available now

The AU821 supports MP3/WMA music and has a full-color OLED display to deliver excellent audio, photo viewing, e-book and AMV playback performance. It also includes FM stereo radio, FM recording, a language learning mode and voice recording. All these functions come in a compact solution for customers desiring the newest lifestyle entertainment device. . . .... .more>>


Apacer's flash cards bundled with FaceFilter software to let users adjust their photos and have fun

Starting in May in Taiwan, when users purchase a 512MB or larger Apacer flash card with the new packaging, they will get free FaceFilter software. The FaceFilter software lets users adjust facial appearance in photos in four simple steps. It adds to the fun of taking digital photos. . ..... more >>

Apacer DDRII 667 DRAM module receives PCFUN Magazine's annual Editors' Recommendation in China

In March, Apacer's DDRII 667 DRAM module received PCFUN Magazine's annual Editors' Recommendation in China. PCFUN Magazine is one of the most popular magazines in China. . . . ...... more >>

Apacer's DDR 500 DRAM module wins The Best Performance Award from China Information World

Apacer's DDR 500 DRAM module won The Best Performance Award from China Information World on April 13, 2006. This is their primary DDR DRAM memory performance review for 2006. . ...... more >>

Apacer flash cards obtain the Performance Award from CCW Choice in China

Apacer flash cards won the Performance Award in April from CCW Choice, the most authoritative media source in the Chinese computer industry ...... more >>

Apacer's 150X 2GB SD flash card wins Chip Magazine's best technology award


Apacer's 150X 2GB SD flash card won Chip Magazine's Best Technology Award, the most respected IT product review magazine in China....... more >>

Apacer Handy Steno AH220 eBrochure available now

The twin-arrow design of the Handy Steno AH220 “Targets Your Digital Lifestyle”. The arrow in the target represents Apacer's concise and perfect way it adds quality to product design and service. . . . . ...... more >>

Apacer Handy Steno AH320 eBrochure available now

Handy Steno AH320 is a “Stylishly Simple” USB flash drive. The water drops and ripples reflect the unlimited way data is transferred and delivered. The water drop reaching for the sky represents the extraordinary spirit of the Apacer brand. . . . . ...... more >>

Apacer Handy Steno AH123 Special Edition for Apacer Asia Pacific Region

Apacer will release a special edition of Handy Steno AH123 for Asia Pacific Region. . ...... more >>

Apacer Handy Steno HA202 bundled with Taango, your virtual PC software

Apacer USB HA202 Flash Drive + Taango = Mini-Sized Virtual PC. When the HA202 is bundled with Taango software, it becomes a tiny virtual PC that can be used on any computer. Taango keeps the same settings as the user's own computer. ...... more >>

Apacer Audio Steno AU521 new   MP3 player

Apacer will release a new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AU521. ... more >>

Apacer Audio Steno AU231 new MP3 player

Apacer will release a new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AU231. ...... more >>

Apacer Audio Steno AU221 new MP3 player

Apacer will release a new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AU221. ...... more >>




D-CROSS_COM:宇瞻科技Fully Buffered DIMM為亞洲第一家DRAM模組廠獲Intel Platform Memory Organization測試驗證

D-CROSS_COM:Apacer宇瞻科技推出多功能MP3音樂播放器 - AU821「音樂炫風」

3C部落格:Apacer宇瞻科技推出多功能MP3音樂播放器 – AU821「音樂炫風」,一機在手 MP3影音娛樂精彩呈現

PowerUser:宇瞻科技Fully Buffered DIMM為亞洲第一家DRAM模組廠獲Intel Platform Memory Organization測試驗證

PowerUser:Apacer 宇瞻科技推出MMCmobile 1GB與microSD 256MB高容量手機專用記憶卡

PowerUser:宇瞻科技領先業界推出DDR Very-Low-Profile 1GB與2GB ECC Registered伺服器專用記憶體模組

Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻科技多功能MP3音樂播放器AU821 一機在手 MP3影音娛樂精彩呈現 

Tom's Hardware Guide:宇瞻推出DDR Very-Low-Profile 1GB與2GB ECC Registered伺服器專用記憶體模組 

OC超頻者天堂:宇瞻推出DDR Very-Low-Profile 1GB與2GB伺服器專用記憶體
OC超頻者天堂:宇瞻獲Intel Platform Memory Organization測試驗證
Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻科技多功能MP3音樂播放器AU821 一機在手 MP3影音娛樂精彩呈現
Digitimes電子時報:宇瞻推出DDR Very-Low-Profile 1GB與2GB ECC Registered伺服器專用記憶體模組
@live四月號: Apacer Handy Steno AH220 連天使都愛上的輕薄
ComputerDIY 四月號: Apacer宇瞻「天使之戀」精緻科技完美串聯
ComputerDIY 四月號:Apacer DDR 400 512MB
ComputerDIY 四月號:Apacer DDR II-667 512MB
NOVA 情報誌四月號: Apacer AH220「天使之戀」
PCDIY四月號: 宇瞻CeBIT 2006參展
Stuff 四月號: Apacer宇瞻「天使之戀」精緻科技完美串聯


中關村在線設計引發潮流 宇瞻新產品亮相CeBIT
中關村在線能當優盤用?買宇瞻1GB SD卡送讀卡器
太平洋電腦網:瘋狂!宇瞻 DDRⅡ又降價了
中關村報價站:瘋狂!宇瞻 DDRⅡ又降價了
泡泡PCPOP:數碼卡中的法拉利 宇瞻290X MMC plus
小熊在線數碼卡中的法拉利——宇瞻290X MMCplus卡
中關村在線五虎上將 市售高端DDR2-800記憶體盤點
中關村在線魚與熊掌兼得 宇瞻DDR2筆記本條細談
中國計算機報:宇瞻HA202獲頒日本Good Design Award設計獎
大眾硬體:宇瞻8GB高容量100X CF記憶卡

Apacer Europe will release packaging for a new USB flash drive, the Handy Steno AH123.

Apacer will release a new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AU822.

Apacer will release a new MP3 player, the Audio Steno AU522.

Apacer releases new posters and advertisements for USB flash drive line.

Apacer releases new posters and advertisements for MP3 players, the Audio Steno Series.

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