eNews Issue No.30 / Aug.04, 2006

Apacer's New Handy Steno AH123 Flash Drive, Your Small and Stylish Personal Accessory

AH123 is one of the smallest USB drives in the world with great styling and a vivid, metallic red color, making it a truly personal accessory that is easy to use, carry around or attach to key chains and cell phones. ...... more>>

Apacer Maintains Fully Buffered DIMM Leadership with CMTL Certification

Apacer Technology Inc., is maintaining its leading position by winning FB-DIMM certification from CMTL. Apacer's FB -DIMM has taken another significant step forward by gaining approval from CMTL on the Intel Bensley Platform S5000PAL . ... ....more>>

Apacer holds 2006 Marketing Workshop in Apacer headquarters, Taiwan

Apacer held the 2006 Marketing Workshop on June 12 and 13. All worldwide marketing staff joined the workshop and shared their experience. . . . . .... . more>>

Apacer's shop in KMall Taipei, Taiwan installs new light box displays

New light box displays for DRAM Modules and Digital Storage were installed in Apacer's shop in KMall, Taipei, Taiwan. The change creates a new visual experience for customers. ..... . more>>

Apacer's new MP3 Poster available now

Apacer's new MP3 poster is available now, introducing Apacer's full lineup of MP3 players. . ......more>>

Apacer's new poster for USB Flash drives

Apacer's new USB Flash Drive poster introduces the full line of Handy Steno products. . ........ more >>


Apacer joins Intel Channel Conference Taiwan (ICC Taiwan) to showcase complete line of products

From May 29 to June 14, Apacer joined the Intel Channel Conference Taiwan in Taipei. Intel held six conferences and had training courses for its channel partners. Apacer had an individual display area to display and introduce our full line of products.........more >>

Apacer authorizes new service center in Taipei, Taiwan

Apacer authorized a new service center to provide good after sales service in Taipei, Taiwan. New banners help users quickly identify Apacer's service centers. .......more>>

Apacer's newest flash card demo board available in Taiwan

In order to help users understand Apacer's complete line of flash cards, Apacer created a new demo board for retail shops in Taiwan. ...... .more>>


Apacer's new DM for MP3 Players and USB Flash drives available now in Taiwan

Apacer's new DM for MP3 Players and USB Flash Drives is available in Taiwan. ........more >>

Apacer' new DM for flash cards and AP450 45-in-1 external card reader now in Taiwan

When users purchase a 512MB or larger Apacer flash card in Taiwan, they will get free FaceFilter software. The DM introduces Apacer's newest 45-in-1 card reader, the AP450 supports most flash cards on the market. .........more >>

The AH123, one of the world's smallest USB flash drives, launched in Europe

Apacer's AH123, one of the smallest USB drives in the world, is launched in Europe along with a new DM. . . . ...... more >>

The AH123, one of the world's smallest USB flash drives, launched in Asia Pacific markets

Apacer's AH123, one of the smallest USB drives in the world, is launched in Asia Pacific markets along with a new DM. ......more >>

Apacer launches the AE161, a new 16-in-1 internal card reader


Apacer's AE161 16-in-1 internal card reader is designed to be part of a desktop PC to support multimedia and digital applications. . ........more >>

Apacer's updated warranty stickers available soon

Apacer will replace current warranty stickers soon. Apacer's long-term commitment to customers is an important message. . ......... more >>

Limited edition AH123 USB flash drive for Valentine's day in Taiwan

For Valentine's day in Taiwan, Apacer came out with a special edition of the AH123 USB flash drive. Each package contained two AH123 512 MB USB flash drives and a lovable Teddy Bear. ........ more >>

Apacer' poster for Very-Low-Profile ECC Registered DIMM available now

Apacer released a poster for DDR Very-Low-Profile ECC Registered DIMM. Apacer used this item to join the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) competition for 2006 in Taiwan... ...... more >>

Fully Buffered DIMM DM for Intel.......more >>
Apacer's Embedded Systems Expo and Conference in Tokyo (ESEC)

Apacer joined ESEC to display the entire line of embedded products from June 28 to June 30. ESEC is Japan's largest embedded systems technology expo & conference.......more >>

Apacer newly revised packaging for DRAM Dual Channel Kits available now

To highlight the high speed, excellent performance, stability and compatibility, Apacer revised the new packaging for Chinese and English versions of DRAM Dual Channel Kits.......more >>

Apacer Launches CompactFlashTM Cards with Outstanding Speed and Performance 

Third generation CompactFlashTMCards support high mega-pixel digital cameras for continuous high-speed shooting .......more >>

Apacer's New AU822 MP3 Media Player Lets Users Look, Listen, and Feel the Entertainment

Large and bright 1.5" CSTN display maximizes your digital lifestyle pleasure.......more >>

Apacer's New AU522 MP3 Player Offers Bold and Stylish Design

Large storage capacity and broad functionality come together in this compact, full-featured player.......more >>

Bundled promotion for flash cards with card holder in Taiwan and Asia Pacific markets

Apacer is promoting flash cards with cardholders in Taiwan and Asia Pacific markets. The cardholder stores four Secure DigitalTM or MultiMediaCardTM cards, making it easy to take along anywhere.......more >>

Apacer AH220 and AH230 USB flash drives highlight speed with stickers

Answering the market's request, Apacer has specially designed stickers showing performance for the AH220 and AH230 USB flash drives in Asia Pacific markets........more >>



超頻者天堂:Apacer 宇瞻下半年秘密武器提前曝光

D-CROSS.COM:Apacer宇瞻科技推出DDR2 800 Unbuffered 512MB與1GB記憶體模組




ECN Asia:宇瞻推出全系列儲存產品


CPRO資傳網:宇瞻儲存產品 完美結合生活與科技

亞洲電子科技網:COMPUTEX 2006-宇瞻科技呈現全系列數位儲存產品

  @live六月號:Apacer STENO HA202 個人資料完整備份的隨身碟
PCShopper六月號:Apacer宇瞻科技推出DDR2 800 Unbuffered 512MB與1GB記憶體模組
國際商情:Computex Taipei 2006笑傲亞洲,爭冠全球
PCOffice:3C靚品-宇瞻Apacer HA202
超頻者天堂:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
ITONLINE.TW:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
超頻者天堂:Apacer Fully Buffered DIMM 再傳捷報
POWERUSER:Apacer Fully Buffered DIMM 再傳捷報
CPRO資傳網:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
太平洋新聞網:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
CPRO資傳網:Apacer Fully Buffered DIMM 再傳捷報
D-CROSS.COM:Apacer Fully Buffered DIMM 再傳捷報
D-CROSS.COM:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
Engadget Chinese:宇瞻 Apacer 推出 Audio Steno AU522 數位隨身聽
MSN台灣3C情報:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
POWERUSER:Apacer宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場-AH123 最佳時尚配件 掌握流行新趨勢 AH320 iSimple 貼心筆蓋設計免除遺失上蓋的煩惱
DCView數位視野:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場
中國都會網路報:Apacer 宇瞻兩款隨身碟全新豋場


中關村在線:宇瞻推出1G DDR2-800無緩衝系列記憶體
PCPOP泡泡網:Computex 2006 宇瞻手機存儲卡放光彩
PCPOP泡泡網:宇瞻推出DDR2800 Unbuffered記憶體模組
PChome:宇瞻推出DDR2-800 Unbuffered記憶體
數字時代:宇瞻通過Intel PMO測試認證
電腦採購:宇瞻通過Intel PMO測試認證.doc-電腦採購
中國電腦教育報:宇瞻通過Intel PMO測試認證-中國電腦教育報
小熊在線:COMPUTEX 2006-Apacer展出多款產品
小熊在線:宇瞻推出DDR2 800 Unbuffered系列記憶體模組
極速網:宇瞻推出DDR2 800 Unbuffered系列記憶體模組
極速網:[宇瞻]所向披靡-DDR2 800 Unbuffered內存
硬派網:Apacer 宇瞻DDR2 800 Unbuffered內存
中關村在線:所向披靡,宇瞻1GB DDR2-800內存小測
小熊在線:所向披靡,宇瞻DDR2 800 Unbuffered內存
PCPOP泡泡網:所向披靡,宇瞻DDR2 800 Unbuffered內存
中關村在線:做工札實,宇瞻1GB DDR2-800內存細品
消費電子世界:Apacer SD 150X 2GB
PCDIY:宇瞻DDR II 800 Unbuffered內存
大眾硬體:宇瞻推出DDR2 Unbuffered系列
電子遊戲世界:全新的90奈米製程,宇瞻推出DDR2 800 Unbuffered系列內存模組
電腦迷:宇瞻DDR2 667內存,超頻玩家選擇
Apacer's Anion Extension Cradle, AA220 is coming soon
Apacer will launch another new USB flash drive, the AH520 with USB Anion extension cradle
Apacer is going to launch the PH150 USB hub to extend customers' USB connections for desks
The AM260 26-in-1 external card reader is on the way. It will support most of the flash cards on the market
Apacer is going to join PC Fair in Malaysia from Aug. 11 to Aug. 13, one of the year's biggest IT/Consumer events
Apacer will join Bluechip Infotech's Seminars throughout Australia
Apacer in Taiwan and Asia Pacific markets will promote flash cards with a free 3.5╴ LCD screen protector as a gift
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