eNews Issue No.31 / Sep.1, 2006

Apacer’s PH150 Magic USB Hub Rotating Ports Give New freedom

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, released the PH150 magic USB hub, an innovative 4-port USB 2.0 solution with two rotatable ports that gives users more freedom to connect devices, letting larger, bulkier USB devices connect from different directions. ... more>>


Apacer’s Dual-Channel Memory Module Kits Available Now

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, now offers dual-channel memory kits perfectly matched and tested for dual-channel mode users wanting speed and stability without the worries. To guarantee performance, each memory module kit uses the same IC brand, the same IC specification,module production lot, . ....more>>

Apacer Technology 2006 Summer Vacation Promotion

Between August 26~27 Apacer Technology held the “2006 Summer Vacation” promotion at the new Guanghua Market.   All buyers of Apacer products on the day could enter the hoop-shoot contest by showing their receipt or invoice.   This event gave customers the chance to win big prizes such as a Nikon digital camera, SD150X memory card or an HA202 Flash Drive . You could also go to designated retailers within the Guanghua Market for stamps, with each stamp qualifying you for a great gift and 5 stamps allowing you to enter the Grand Slam competition.   Those who successfully made the shot could join in the lottery for prizes ranging from USB disks, and headphones to shopping bags.   Everyone's welcome to come and shoot the hoops! . . . . . .... . more>>

ComputerDIY Celebrates 9 th Anniversary with “Search & Shop Carnival”

On July 15 Apacer Technology participated in ComputerDIY magazine's 9 th anniversary “Search & Shop Carnival” celebrations at the Kmall outdoor plaza.   A variety of Apacer technologies were on display at the carnival to provide consumers with a better understanding of Apacer's products.   . ..... . more>>


2006 Apacer Technology Summer Beach Set

To welcome the heat of summer, Apacer Technology offers a custom summer beach set that includes a distinctive transparent beach bag, thermos and beach sandals so you can enjoy the attention of Apacer Technology be it at a day at the beach or a pleasant mountain walk. . . ......more>>


Apacer's New Environmentally Friendly Single DRAM Module Packaging
RoHS compliant packaging features a compact, light and simple design

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, is releasing new RoHS compliant packaging for single DRAM modules. As an environmentally aware company, Apacer constantly looks for ways to protect the earth. Eliminating all lead and other harmful substances in products and packaging is of primary importance. With this new packaging, Apacer has also tried to reduce the size and amount of material used by adopting completely recyclable or reusable materials. The new packaging is good for customers and the planet.   ...... . more >>


Apacer Technology places brand new advertising for DRAM Module in Mexico

Apacer Technology begins promoting its range of DRAM Module products through its Mexican distributor ASI.........more >>


Apacer releases first industrial grade MMCplus and SD memory cards.  The industrial grade standard CF memory card was selected as the preferred product for use with Siemens medical equipment. 

To provide industrial hardware with a greater range of options, Apacer Technology today (17th) released the first industrial grade SD and MMCplus memory cards.  Both provide a powerful 5 Byte ECC (error code checking) capability allowing data to be automatically checked and corrected.  They also support a broad range of operating temperatures, providing customers with more options outside of existing product lines. .......more>>

6th Embedded Systems Conference in Taiwan

On August 17~18 Apacer Technology participated in the 6th Embedded Systems Conference held in Taiwan and displayed at the site its complete range of industrial grade Flash products.. ...... .more>>


New label for Apacer Technology’s DRAM Module PC133. 

To match the new packaging for DRAM Modules, Apacer Technology designed a new label for use with single sticks of memory or dual memory channel packages........more >>

The Australia Distributor Bluechip Tour

In cooperation with Australian distributor Bluechip, Apacer Technology joined in the product tour (Sydney: August 15; Brisbane: August 17; Melbourne: August 22; Perth: August 30) to promote Apacer products and also take the opportunity to understand local requirements. ..........more >>

All new memory card content goes online at Apacer’s Global website

http://www.apacer.com/en/products/Flash_Card.htm . . ...... more >>

Apacer Technology mobile memory card products receives brand new advertising campaign, eBrochure and postcard.

To increase consumer preference for Apacer Technology mobile memory card products and establish a new young and lively brand image, Apacer designs new advertising, an eBrochure and postcards. ...........more>>

Apacer Technology launches AM010 SIM Card Backup Device for Mobile Phones in Russia

AM010 SIM Card Backup Device for Mobile Phone

  • Compatible with GSM and CDMA
  • Backup phone book of SIM card
  • LCD display and easy to use
  • Stand-alone device. No connection to PC, PDA or Mobile phone is needed.
  • Backup phone book up to 250 records.
  • No risk of data loss when out of battery.
  •  Phone book can be copied from device to multi-SIM cards.
  • 24 hours clock function .........more >>

Apacer launches AM020 microSD Card Reader plus SIM Backup device in Russia

AM020 microSD Card Reader plus SIM Backup

  • Compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1 interface
  • Hi-Speed USB2.0 with transfer rate up to 480Mbps
  • 2-in-1 device with dual slots for microSD reader and SIM backup
  • Enclosed software to backup and edit SIM card via PC
  • Support Plug and Play function. ......... more >>
Apacer launches Mega Steno AM030 USB 2.0 Card Reader

Mega Steno AM030 USB 2.0 Card Reader

  • Compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1 Interface
  • Support Plug and Play function
  • LED Indicator for Power & Access
  • No additional power required
  • Support Windows 98/98SE (driver) / ME / 2000 / XP, Mac OS 9.x (driver) or higher . ........ more >>



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Apacer Technology will be participating in the World Cyber Games Grand Final to be held from September 1 ~ 6 in the Philippines.
Apacer Technology will be launching in the Asia Pacific region a promotion for bundle with memory card and FaceFilter software,
Apacer will be launching the new Handy Steno AH320 Compression Flash Drive.
Apacer will be launching the new Handy Steno AH520.
Apacer will be launching the new AA220 Anion Cradle.
Apacer will be launching the new AM260 External Card Reader.
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