eNews Issue No.33 / Dec.1, 2006

Apacer's New 4GB Class 6 SDHC™ Flash Card Meets Growing Storage Demand
SDHC represents a new era of high capacity flash storage

Break free from limited storage. Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage is pleased to introduce new 4GB Class 6 and 4/8GB Class 2 SD High Capacity (SDHC™) ...more>>


Apacer New Overclocking Series DDR2 1066MHz Unbuffered 512MB and 1GB Memory Modules
Meet cyber gamer and overclocker extreme performance requirements

As the official memory supplier for the World Cyber Games 2006 (WCG2006) Grand Final, the world’s largest PC and video gaming event, Apacer Technology Inc., a global ...more>>

Apacer Extra-value Gifts Bring Fun during 95 IT Month

The 95 IT Month is coming at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) this December 2. Apacer Technologies will introduce comprehensive products at special offers plus extra-valued gifts. Visitors purchasing Apacer products can have fun with us at the Apacer Technologies’ booth during this 9-day show. In addition to the extra-valued gifts, Apacer Technologies will be demonstrating its award-winning memory modules and digital storage solutions, including Handy Steno USB Drives which have won the Good Design Award (G-mark) 2006 from Japan. Apacer Technologies will also announce different models of its 2GB microSD range which is the greatest of its breed in the world, various MP3 players and other multimedia storage products. During Info Month 2006, Apacer Technologies will be displaying its leading-edge products at booths AP339, A340, A439 and AP439 in the Digital IT Product Area, Hall 1, TWTC; and G246, G248, G345 and G347 in the Digital Life Brand Area, Hall 3, TWTC. Your visit and comments are always welcome.... more>>

Apacer's New DDR2 667/533 MHz 2GB SODIMM Completely Meet Microsoft Windows® Vista™
Completely fulfill requirements and meet future demand of new generation notebook、mini PC system and Apple computer for high speed and high capacity memory

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, is launching a new generation of DDR2 667/533 MHz 2GB SODIMM targeting high end notebook computers. These modules also provide the best solution for the new Microsoft Windows® Vista™ release. More and more Windows Vista users will upgrade their memory up to 2GB to satisfy the extra memory needs that Windows Vista’s outstanding multimedia and applications place on hardware platforms. This new generation of DDR2 667/533 MHz 2GB SODIMM modules are fully compatible with mainstream notebook computers such as ACER、IBM、HP、DELL、ASUS、MSI etc. This 2GB SODIMM modules are also fully compatible with Apple computers such as Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, and the Mac mini... more>>


Apacer to Announce AU523/AU524 MP3 Players

Following the bestselling AU522, Apacer Technologies is announcing two derivative models of the AU522:
1. The AU-523 without expansion slot to meet the market needs and to fulfill the consumer’s expectation for music entertainment at an affordable price.
2. The AU-524 with microSD expansion slot to expand the applicability of microSD for mobiles and to let consumers enjoy music anywhere, anytime with the 2GB capacity. ...

Apacer Web Campaign for ACE Compression Software

Apacer Technology organized during November 8-29 a web campaign on PChome and mobile01 to promote the self-developed ACE compression software. Winners will win digital cameras, USB drives and flash cards... more >>


Special Design for ACE Stand

Apacer Technology designed a special stand at channels for the self-developed ACE compression software to facilitate consumers acquire relevant information and understand ACE more easily...more >>


Apacer Maintenance and Replacement Info Card

Apacer Technology completed its maintenance and replacement service deployment at all channels to facilitate consumers to understand the service and enjoy quick solutions for Apacer product problems...more>>

Apacer's New Maintenance and Replacement Location at Guanghua

Apacer Technology set up the second maintenance and replacement store and consumer mail processing center at Guanghua Plaza to provide consumers with fuller post-delivery services...more>>


PCDIY! Brand of the Year Awards and Prize-presenting Ceremony

At the 2-month poll for the Brand of the Year Awards organized by PCDIY!, Apacer Technology won the awards for "Memory Product" and "Multimedia Peripherals and Storage" (flash card, USB drive and card-reader) in the part category. Apacer Technology received on November 20 the awards at the ceremony held at the conference room of the Cathay Financial Holdings. These awards represented the opinions and comments of PC players in Taiwan and also marked the market support and recognition of Apacer products...more >>

Apacer's Calendars and Greeting Cards for 2007

Apacer cooperated with To welcome 2007, Apacer Technology has designed brand new calendars and greeting cards which craftily combined the "Life and Technology Together" spirit to share the precious moments of life...more >>




超頻者天堂:WCG超頻特別版-宇瞻Apacer DDR2 1066 512MB記憶體模組

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機專用記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機專用記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機專用記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB


DigiTimes:宇瞻Apacer DDR2 1066 512MB記憶體,WCG競賽指定用模組,飆速與穩定兼有之特別版精品

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡


數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

太平洋新聞網:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

超頻者天堂:宇瞻WCG2006全球限量版超頻系列DDR2 1066MHz記憶體模組


ECNAsia:宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體

Cpro資傳網:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

D-CROSS:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡


3CBANK:宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體

DCView:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB

DCView:Apacer推出2GB NB記憶體

DCView:Apacer推出DDR2 1066MHz記憶體


EDNAsia:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機專用記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB



DV哈燒網:宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體



EDNAsia:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

EDNAsia:宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體

D-CROSS:宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體







ComputerDIY:Apacer宇瞻WCG2006全球限量版超頻系列DDR2 1066MHz記憶體模組

Canon 400D聖經:Apacer宇瞻記憶卡報導




PCshopper:Apacer宇瞻科技DDR2 1066廣告




走進中關村:多彩魔方USB HUB上市




走進中關村:DDR2 1066記憶體評測紀錄


Zol:Vista系統上市 宇瞻金牌記憶體成絕配

Zol:影音時代來臨 宇瞻推2GB MicroSD卡


天極:玩的就是心跳 宇瞻DDR2-1066記憶體評測紀錄

天極:3G時代來臨 宇瞻推出microSD高容量數碼卡




Pconline:3G影音時代來臨 宇瞻推出microSD高容量手機專用數碼卡

Pconline:微軟Vista系統上市 宇瞻金牌記憶體演繹Vista精彩魅力


韓國DC雜誌十一月號:呈現Apacer Photo Steno Pro III 4GB CF Card 和 Professional Photo Series Flash Cards

越南PC World雜誌十一月號:呈現Apacer AH320 Compressor,在越南當地強力推廣此產品

越南Hoan Long Computer賣場 Nov 16 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南ST Computer賣場 Nov 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南TNC Computer賣場 Nov 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南Titan Computer賣場 Nov 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

紐西蘭PC World雜誌十一月號:呈現 Apacer USB Drives和MP3 Players

Techmessenger (global press release website) 於Oct 31 刊登宇瞻AH123 Winter Edition

Techmessenger (global press release website) 於Nov 08 刊登宇瞻 New Overclocking Series DDR2 1066MHz Unbuffered 512MB and 1GB Memory Modules

Techmessenger (global press release website) 於Nov 10 刊登宇瞻 Flash Drives Primed for Microsoft Vista™ ReadyBoost

Techmessenger (global press release website) 於Nov 17 刊登宇瞻 New 4GB Class 6 SDHC™ Flash Card Meets Growing Storage Demand

EFYtimes.com於Nov 16 刊登宇瞻Flash Drives ready for Vista ReadyBoost

印度 NCN Magazine於Nov 16 刊登訪問宇瞻亞太業務經理Steven Chang和宇瞻印度經銷商 Silicon Impex 負責人Vijay的報導, 暢談整體DRAM市場及宇瞻在印度的佈局與開發

Global Sources雜誌於十一月號第100頁刊登宇瞻Memory module is designed for Intel, AMD platforms (DDR2 400 4GB ECC Registered DIMM)

Global Sources (www.globalsources.com) 於Nov 10 刊登宇瞻新產品AA220 Cradle
Apacer Technology to participate in lucky drawing of Video Hits, the biggest MTV program in Australia, this December.
Apacer Technology to share fun with you at 95 IT Month during December 2-10.
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