Issue No.39 / Jul. 1, 2007


Apacer announces world's first DDR2 667 CL4 SODIMM for Santa Rosa
It extensively enhances the overall notebook performance by means of low latency design

Apacer Technology, a world-leading memory module maker, announces the world's first low-latency memory module for notebook, the DDR2 667MHz CL4 SO DIMM, tailored for the Santa Rosa, the latest notebook platform from Intel. Amid all DDR2 modules at 667MHz, modules using low-latency design can extensively enhance the overall performance of notebook PCs.

Intel Corporation has recently announced the latest Santa Rosa platform for notebook PCs. The Santa Rosa comprises a Core 2 Duo processor, the Intel 965GM/PM Express codenamed Crestline which is 1.5 times faster than the Intel 945 chipset, and the 802.11n-supported 4965AGN wireless network chipset which is faster than the models supporting only the 802.11 a/b/g by 5 times and delivers double coverage. If memory modules with better performance are equipped on the Santa Rosa platform, which has largely enhanced the notebook PC performance, the capacity of notebook PCs using Santa Rosa will be fully displayed. While the memory support of Santa Rosa remains the same as its previous version, the Napa, i.e. DDR2 533MHz/667MHz, the Santa Rosa still does not support DDR2 modules running at 800MHz. In this case, we cannot enhance the performance of the Santa Rosa by raising the memory clock. Therefore, the R&D personnel of Apacer Technology have embarked on studying the possibility of enhancing the overall module performance by means of the low-latency design. After countless trials and errors, Apacer Technology finally succeeded in delivering the world’s first low-latency memory module tailored for the Santa Rosa.

The most unique point of the DDR2 667MHz CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa is the use of the low-latency design. The standard clock latency of conventional DDR2 667MHz modules is CL5, so Apacer Technology reduced it to CL4 in order to enhance the overall module performance by means of the low-latency design. To develop this special breed of DDR2 667MHz SO-DIMM at CL4, Apacer Technology launched cooperation with the die suppliers in order to select the best quality dies with low latency. Then, every die is rechecked by Apacer Technology according to the low-latency requirements before using them on the DDR2 667MHz CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa. After the Apacer R&D team optimizes the low-latency parameters of the module, every product within the range can run at 800MHz/CL5.

The DDR2 667MHz CL4 SO DIMM for Santa Rosa from Apacer Technology is delivered in two models: the 512MB and 1GB models. Both use the advanced FBGA (Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array) package to deliver perfect cooling effect and electrical characteristics. The use of the ODT (On-Die Termination) technology even prevents transfer errors from feedback signals. Also, this new breed adopts the uncompromising and reliable manufacturing tradition of Apacer Technology to use the 8-layer PCB design. Its clear circuit design reveals the first-class workmanship of a world-leading manufacturer and minimizes the noise interference to ultimately enhance the reliability of modules.
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