Issue No.39 / Jul. 1, 2007


A MP3 player with chic metallic look: Apacer's new Audio Steno AU581
Absolutely my style! Blending music and fashion together with the Audio Steno AU581 MP3 Player

Searching for a MP3 player with a modern yet fashionable appearance? Apacer's new Audio Steno AU581 MP3 player makes startling impressions and delivers total listening satisfaction. Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, announced today the release of its Audio Steno AU581 MP3 which blends music

and fashion into one. Its unique dual color mirror coating and streamlined design adds luxury and fashion to you while letting you wear hundreds of songs. The glimmering chic metallic outlook of the AU581 twinkles and sparkles around you while its blue crystal finish tranquilizes attention directly to you. The elegant OLED display which is brighter and clearer than the normal LCM display, also enhances your modish, on-pitch appearance.

According to Apacer's Product Director, C.K. Chang, "The AU581 brings not just the joy of perfect music reproduction but also a token of fashion. It delivers the 'original sound' in an enjoyable and easy to use MP3 player. Its high-sensitivity lanyard earphones are equipped with large 15mm Neodymium Magnet Mylar units which deliver the heart of superior wide stereo sound, and the high definition treble and powerful bass." The AU581 features a 7-mode EQ hot key which perfectly delivers the "original sound" of Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Bass, Treble, and Normal. The Direct Record button on the left side of this MP3 player captures what matters to you with on demand voice recording, and what you like with synchronous FM recording.

The AU581 completes perfection with a high-performance FM radio storing up to 20 of your favorite channels, a high-sensitivity microphone for voice recording, a high-energy built-in rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery for hours and hours of listening pleasure, and 12 language support. The built-in flash memory capacity for the AU581 is available in 2GB and 4GB. The AU581 will be available at all Apacer store sales channels soon.

Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital storage for both hardware and software research and development. Since the company's inception, Apacer's focus on recording, reproducing and retaining digital data of all kinds, allows our customers to “Access the best” memory products and services. Apacer is the fifth largest independent DRAM module supplier with a global sales and marketing network to support distributors, OEMs, and retail customers. Apacer has built a reputation for memory modules that offer high performance, reliability and value. Apacer also provides some of the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices that play, record, share and store the digital content that is part of everyday life. For more information about Apacer, please visit www.apacer.com.

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Note: The abovementioned term "STENO" means the trademark applied by Apacer Technology Inc.