eNews Issue No.42 / Oct. 1, 2007

Simplicity beyond compare for the music you love: Apacer new Audio Steno AU120
Absolutely my style! Enjoy your music with only one touch

A straight forward and easy-to-use MP3 player free of complicated features is here. Dropped the curtain on sophisticated MP3 players, Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, announced today the release of its Audio Steno...more>>

Foxy school opens activity

According to the school opens,through Foxy music download activity to promote digital storage product...more>>


PCDIY report-to build wonderful memory and the excellent brand of 10 year

By PC DIY media report ,let consumer understand Apacer technology's administration and policy about the DRAM module...more>>

AH221 handy as a present of gamania's Bright Shadow

By games population promote Apacer Handy steno,if someone buy AH221 who has chance to join star show through the Card ...more>>

Vietnam Rollup banners

DRAM & i-Storage...more>>


India Rollup banners

DRAM & i-Storage...more>>


Vietnam 3C shop lucky draw (Sep 15, 2007~ Jan 15, 2008)

From Sep 15 to Jan 15, Apacer joined Hoan Long lucky draw promotion...more>>


Thailand Unwire Campus on July 05,07 at Kasetsart University

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


Thailand Unwire Campus on July 07,07 at Siam Paragon

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


Thailand Unwire Campus on July 09,07 at CBU

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


Thailand Unwire Campus on July 20-21,07 at Central Kard Suan Kaew

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


TThailand Unwire Campus on July 24-25,07 at Sripatum University

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


Thailand Unwire Campus on Aug 03-04,07 at Siam Center

Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campiagn (From June to August)...more>>


Thailand Commart Pattaya on Sep 05-09,07 at Royal Cliff Beach Resort...more>>


Power Buy Digital and Notebook World on Aug 24 – Sep 02,07 at Central World...more>>


Thailand Mobile Expo on Aug 30 – Sep 02,07. at QSNCC...more>>


Thailand Uttaradit Fair on Sep 06-09,07...more>>


Korea- professional Flash card advertisement

Monthly Photo June issue- ad: professional photo series flash cards...more>>


Vietnam- DRAM advertisement

PC World September issue - DRAM advertisement ...more>>


Philippines DRAM advertisement

HWM September issue- DRAM advertisement...more>>


Philippines DRAM Product review in The Manila Times

DDR2 800 1GBx2...more>>


Philippines DRAM Product review in The Manila Times

DDR2 800 1GBx2...more>>


India AD- DQ Channels Aug 16-31 ...more>>

India AD- DQ Channels Sep 01-15...more>>

India AD- CompuVar Aug issue...more>>


India AD- Candid Aug 13-31...more>>


India AD- IT Price Var Aug issue ...more>>


India AD- Cell IT Aug 15-31...more>>


India AD- NCN Aug 31-Sep 14...more>>


Korea SSD Key words advrtisement – Yahoo!...more>>


China Q4 i-storage product DM...more>>


China Apacer product advertisement ...more>>


China Apacer Campus - Shanghai...more>>


China Apacer Campus- Beijing,Cantonese...more>>


China Apacer zhan uncle special column-《Computer paper》...more>>


10th activity ...more>>


Korea new package for flash cards

Korea is going to adopt new design for the flash card package...more>>




DVDinfo:特別企畫Apacer Handy Steno AH421

PCShopper:新產品Apacer Handy Steno AH421

PCShopper:新產品Apacer Steno AU350

PCShopper:廠商動態 世界電玩大賽台灣區國手選拔賽官方指定記憶體


ComputerDIY:超強企畫Apacer DDR2-800 512MB/1GB

NOVA情報誌:小瑪DIY Apacer AH421/Apacer DDR2

NOVA情報誌:Apacer 全系列廣告

NOVA情報誌:Apacer microSD三合一記憶卡

NOVA情報誌:爆新聞 ACE 隨身儲存魔法師


PCDIY:資訊櫥窗宇瞻隨身碟全面搭贈ACE 壓縮軟體

PCHOME:Apacer Handy Steno AH421


亞洲電子科技網:宇瞻全新推出miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡


SINA:王麗雅辣舞 1歲娃搶鋒頭

自立晚報:Apacer宇瞻科技十週年慶 發表新品「愛的記憶」

電子工程專輯:宇瞻科技推出新款miniSDHC class2 4GB記憶卡


滄者極限:Apacer宇瞻科技推出miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技全新推出miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡


Phone Daily:Apacer 宇瞻科技推出 4 GB miniSDHC 記憶卡


太平洋日報:Apacer宇瞻科技十週年 直指全球前三大記憶儲存品牌


中央商情網:宇瞻10週年 以全球前三大記憶儲存品牌為目標

DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻科技十週年慶 目標全球前三大記憶儲存品牌

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技全新推出miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡,行動記憶卡也能滿足大容量儲存需求

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技十週年慶 目標全球前三大記憶儲存品牌

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技全新推出miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡,行動記憶卡也能滿足大容量儲存需求

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技十週年慶 目標全球前三大記憶儲存品牌

DIGITIMES:宇瞻科技全新推出 miniSDHC 4 GB 記憶卡

iThome:Apacer宇瞻科技全新推出 miniSDHC 4 GB 記憶卡


IT168: 指紋加密 宇瞻針對專業用戶推出AH620指紋碟




PCPOP:用指紋才能開啟 指紋識別U盤本月上市

PCPOP:將突破8G容量 宇瞻300X CF卡本月上市

PCPOP:DDR3逐步上市 宇瞻多款DDR3接受預訂

PCHOME:指紋識別功能 宇瞻 AH620 2G優盤評測

小熊線上:與讀卡器比美—宇瞻4GB Class6 SDHC

IT168:新閃銀殺手 宇瞻8GB HA202快閃記憶體試用評測

PCPOP:使用原廠顆粒 宇瞻推出4G miniSDHC卡

IT168:黃金鬥士!全球最快宇瞻DDR3 1600賞析

ZOL:預設1600MHz 宇瞻DDR3記憶體全國首測

PCHOME:絕對奢華 宇瞻DDR3記憶體接受預定

ZOL:逼近20MB/秒 宇瞻4GB高速SDHC卡測試

ZOL:全球第一對 宇瞻DDR3-1600特色圖賞

IT168:尋找最快U盤 24款快閃記憶體盤橫評專題

PCHOME:"搶樓"結束 DDR3記憶體 現在花落誰家

ZOL:專為筆記本設計 宇瞻推出全新款優盤


PCHOME:為vista而生 宇瞻AH421閃盤驚豔亮相


ZOL:挑戰極速 宇瞻300X專業CF卡即將上市

PCHOME:高速的選擇 宇瞻Class6 4GB存儲卡



ZOL:3999元大獎等你拿 宇瞻開展徵文活動

菲律賓 DDR2 667 CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa (Aug 07)- The Manila Times

菲律賓DDR2 667 CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa (Aug 07)- Yehey Gadgets

菲律賓DDR2 667 CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa (Aug 03)- Hardwarezone

菲律賓DDR2 667 CL4 SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa- HWM Sep issue

菲律賓 MP3 AU581- HWM Sep issue

菲律賓miniSDHC 4GB- The Manila Times

菲律賓 miniSDHC 4GB- Yehey

菲律賓miniSDHC 4GB- Hardwarezone

菲律賓AH421- The Manila Times

菲律賓AH421- Yehey

澳洲 AH421- APC Magazine

澳洲MP3 AU350- ARN

澳洲Handy AH421- Smart House

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- Smart House

澳洲AU840- Good Gear Guide

澳洲AU581- Good Gear Guide

澳洲Handy AH421- GIZMODO

澳洲Handy AH421- Gadgets Down Under

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- Tweak Town

澳洲Handy AH421- C Net

澳洲AU581- OZ Hardware

澳洲 AU840- OZ Hardware

澳洲Handy AH421- ARN

澳洲Handy AH421- CIO

澳洲Handy AH421- Computer World

澳洲Handy AH421- CSO

澳洲Handy AH421- GamePro

澳洲Handy AH421- Good Gear Guide

澳洲Handy AH421- PC World

澳洲Handy AH421- IT Marketer

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- ARN

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- CIO

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- Computer World

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- CSO

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- GamePro

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- Good Gear Guide

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- PC World

澳洲miniSDHC 4GB- IT Marketer

印度 MP3 AU350- compare india

印度MP3 AU350- Cell it

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- compare india

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- DQ Channels

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- Market Flash

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- NCN

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- Channel World

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- PC World

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB- Techshouts

印度miniSDHC C2 4GB-Techgadgets

印度AH123- NCN

印度AH123- Channeltimes

印度AH123- Channel World

印度AH123- PC World

印度AH123- Techgadgets

印度AH123- Techshouts

印度miniSDHC 4GB- NCN Hard copy


Netherlands Computer Totaal:Apacer USB Advertisement

Lithuania Stuff magazine:Apacer MP3 Advertisement

Lithuania Computer Bild:Apacer Card Reader AM250

Lithuania NK (Naujoji komunikacija):Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Netherlands PCM :Apacer USB Advertisement

Middle East Gulf Air:Apacer MP3 Advertisement

Slovakia PC Space:Apacer USB and MP3 Advertisement

Slovakia PC Revue:Apacer USB Advertisement

Middle East Windows ME:Apacer Advertisement

Middle East PC World:Apacer Advertisement

Netherlands PC Magazine:PH150

Greece T3:Apacer Advertisement

Bulgaria PC World:Apacer Advertisement
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