eNews Issue No.43 / Nov. 1, 2007

Apacer memory cards free bundle a powerful photo editing software
Revitalize the beauty of your photos with Facefilter Studio 2.0 Apacer Edition

FaceFilter Studio 2.0 with their selected memory cards, to enable users to make charming photos in just few simple steps. When taking poor photos, rather than throwing them away, now you can restore them using FaceFilter Studio 2.0 Apacer edition for adjusting...more>>


Simple, The Best : Apacer's new Handy Steno AH222
Simple, stylish and compact, the AH222 is the USB flash drive tailored for anyone in needs of easy-to-use digital storage. Its pen cap design can easily solve the USB cap-lost problem.

AH222 is the most convenient USB 2.0 flash drive tailored for anyone in needs of easy-to-use digital storage. The stylish black and navy blue bring AH222 a timeless trendy style...more>>

PC DIY package game

Packing game designated memory module,show all series of product on the activity...more>>


2007 Intel IDF use Apacer card reader as a giveaway

Sponsor Intel IDF early bird giveaway to add Apacer product's exposure....more>>

Love memory SD card poster

By etmall, spread love memory products...more>>

AMT repair and exchange goods stronghold poster

Let consumer can know Apacer's repair and exchange goods stronghold clearly...more>>


All series product of Banner

Publish on the EZGO website,according to the website let more students know Apacer's products...more>>


Welcome 10th dealer activity

During Aug 6th to Sep 30th Apacer will send out 10,0000 lucky code,there will be 4,562 people join the lucky draw,and 368 people draw the prize, 8% draw the prizewinning...more>>


Participate Shanghai movie game by《public photography》

Provide i-Storage related product for prize,and show the poster and display,establish Apacer memory card professional brand image. From Oct 17th to 21th....more>>


China Beijing Signboard at computer mall

Size:10.55*3m , until 2008 April...more>>


India dealer incentive program

July 16th to Oct 15th...more>>


Vietnam Signboard at Hoan Long shop

Hoan long lucky draw bonus...more>>


Vietnam PC World lucky draw sponsorship...more>>


Vietnam PC World AE300 Review...more>>


Vietnam AD

PC World Oct issue...more>>


Korea- professional Flash card advertisement

Oct issue...more>>


Korea search marketing in Yahoo...more>>


India AD

Compu Var/NCN/ Candid/ Cell it/ DQ Channels/ IT Price Var/ ITVARNEWS Website...more>>



相機世界:Apacer SDHC Class6 4GB記憶卡

Call:宇瞻科技 4GB miniSDHC記憶卡



NOVA:Apacer 全系列記憶儲存產品DM

NOVA:宇瞻最新 miniSDHC記憶卡4GB超大容量

PChome Shopper:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

PChome Shopper:宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體輕鬆拖曳壓縮加大隨身碟500%儲存空間





PCDIY:宇瞻科技 miniSDHC 4GB記憶卡

PCDIY:USB 2.0快閃隨身碟熱門精品





PCDIY 2007電腦競技大賽:Apacer宇瞻科技記憶體模組專家


DIGITIMES企業IT:宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂器

IThome:宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂器


ComputerDIY:Apacer DDR2 800/Apacer DDR2 1200



Tom's硬體:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器

CNET:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 雙耳機設計讓您隨時分享數位娛樂/ Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年



Cpro資傳網:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器


D-CROSS:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 雙耳機設計讓您隨時分享數位娛樂


重灌狂人:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器,雙耳機設計讓您隨時分享數位娛樂


滄者極限:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 雙耳機設計


Chip123:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計 掀起科技美學的扉頁/ Apacer科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 雙耳機設計讓您隨時分享數位娛樂

DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器

DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計 掀起科技美學的扉頁

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計 掀起科技美學的扉頁

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計 掀起科技美學的扉頁

XF Media:Apacer科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 雙耳機設計讓您隨時分享數位娛樂

XF Media:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年

DIGITIMES:宇瞻科技發表AU840 MP4音樂播放器 採雙耳機設計 隨時分享數位娛樂

全球華文行銷知識庫:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計

DIGITIMES:Apacer宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年 結合時尚圖騰與美學設計 掀起科技美學的扉頁


IT168:[南京]最漂亮的讀卡器 宇瞻AM250促銷

PCPOP:完全貼合筆記本的U盤 速度達到17MB/S

PCPOP:不掉蓋設計更貼心 宇瞻AH320最高4GB

PCPOP:驚人小體積 世界上最小的快閃記憶體盤之一

小熊線上:事半功倍!宇瞻DDR2 800 2G本條率先登場

太平洋電腦網:高圖元DC福音 8G宇瞻300X CF高速卡試用

ZOL:事半功倍!宇瞻DDR2 800 2G本條率先登場


天極:絕對明智的選擇 宇瞻2G DDR2-667記憶體

PCHOME:事半功倍 宇瞻DDR2 800 2G本本條登場




ZOL:讀卡器成瓶頸 8GB宇瞻300X CF卡評測

IT168:宇瞻中國十年 限量典藏版SD卡即將面市


IT168:事半功倍!宇瞻DDR2 800 2G本條率先登場

ZOL:三甲格局突變 最新記憶體品牌排行榜揭曉


IT168:挑戰極限 宇瞻300X CF及100X SD卡評測

ZOL:全線飄紅 3款大廠1GB筆記本記憶體導購

PCHOME:普及勢不可擋 宇瞻DDR3 1600視頻介紹

驅動之家:可當U盤的讀卡器 宇瞻AS100 Micro SD讀卡器

ZOL:"我與宇瞻的故事"徵稿結束 大獎即將揭曉

天極:"我與宇瞻的故事"徵稿結束 大獎即將揭曉

IT168:"我與宇瞻的故事"徵稿結束 大獎即將揭曉


矽谷動力:宇瞻 愛的記憶 高速SD卡100X 限量版


Australia PC Power Play Oct issue:DDR2 800 PC2-6400 2GB

Australia ARN Oct issue:DDR2 667 CL4 SO DIMM

India Compu Var Sep issue: AU350 MP3 Player

India Daily Connect:AH223

India compare india: AU240

India NCN:AU240

India PC World: AU240

India Techshouts:AU240

India techgadgets:AU240

India compare india:AU581

India NCN: AU581

India PC World:AU581

India Techshouts:AU581

India techgadgets:AU581

India Var India:AU581

India Cell it:miniSDHC C2 4GB

Australia PC User: AH421

Australia apc:AU350

Philippines HWM:AH421

Philippines Hardwarezone:AU240

Philippines The Manila Times:AU240

Philippines Yehey:AU240

Philippines Hardwarezone:AH223


Russia UpGrade:Apacer Audio Steno AU840

Russia Computer Press:Apacer Audio Steno AU240 and AU840

Russia Computer Press:Apacer Handy Steno AH620

Russia T3:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Russia T3:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Netherlands PC Magazine:Apacer PH150 USB HUB

Czech Republic www.ifotovideo.cz:Apacer Handy Steno AH620 and AH223

Czech Republic www.ifotovideo.cz:Apacer Audio Steno AU120

Slovakia BC Mobile:Apacer SDHC Card Class6 4GB

Netherlands http://www.wcg2007.nl/:Apacer sponsor WCG activity

Russia Hard'n'Soft:Apacer DDR2 800

Russia PCM Magazine:Apacer Audio Steno AU840

Russia www.ixbt.com:Apacer 10th activity

Russia www.terralab.ru-AU581:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Ukraine Hi-Tech PRO:Apacer Card Reader AM250

The Netherlands PCM Magazine:Apacer advertisement

Middle East Gulf Air:Apacer Audio Steno family

The Netherlands PC Magazine:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Belgium PC Magazine:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

The Netherlands PC Magazane online:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Slovakia PC Space:Apacer Handy Steno

UK it-review.net:Apacer Audio Steno AU120

Middle East PC World:Apacer advertisement

Middle East Windows ME:Apacer advertisement
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