Issue No.47 / Apr.1, 2008


Apacer launches the Aeolus DDR3-1800MHz/1600MHz memory module, the world's first memory module with an active / dual-layer heat spreader designed specifically for overclocking


Apacer Technology has announced the launch of its Aeolus series of DDR3-1800MHz/1600MHz overclocking memory modules. These modules use DDR3 / 1Gbit / 128Mx8 die manufactured using Micron Technology's most advanced production process technology. The dual-channel architecture provides maximum bandwidth of 28.8GB (1800MHz) / 25.6GB (1600MHz) with low-latency CL7-7-7-20 timing, giving the Apacer Aeolus DDR3 memory modules outstanding performance in the 1800MHz / 1600MHz product category.

Besides providing ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency, the Apacer Aeolus memory modules also use a unique, patented active heat spreader design that makes it possible to reduce the temperature by as much as 20°C. This highly effective solution to the problem of heat dissipation for DDR3 overclocking memory modules improves both overclocking performance and memory stability.

Grace Lo, Senior Director of Apacer's DRAM Division, explains that the operating frequency for DDR3 overclocking memory modules has risen to 1600MHz, 1800MHz and even 2000MHz. If memory die is operating for an extended period in a high-frequency, high-voltage environment, the memory chip will inevitably reach a high temperature. This heat must be dissipated as rapidly as possible to ensure that the stability of the memory module is not compromised; extended periods of high-temperature operation could affect the module's lifespan. Most of the overclocking memory products on the market today ignore the importance of the heat spreader to overclocking memory performance; the vast majority of commercial overclocking memory module products continue to use traditional, standard-sized heatsink designs that reduce the temperature by only around 3 to 5 degrees. Heatsinks of this type are simply unable to cope with the high temperatures created by DDR3 overclocking. As a result, many overclocking enthusiasts complain that memory module heatsinks are completely useless.

Apacer's new DDR3-1800MHz/1600MHz memory module provides 2GB of memory capacity in a dual-channel (1GBx2) package, and supports Intel's latest XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles). When used with a motherboard that supports Intel XMP, the chipset will automatically read the memory module's SPD (Serial Presence Detect) and will then automatically perform overclocking, enabling the user to experience all the excitement and power that overclocking has to offer.

The special features of the Aeolus Active / Dual layer Heat Spreader
1. A unique built-in, low-noise fan: Apacer's unique active heat spreader uses a patented embedded one-piece design that ensures low noise and lowers the temperature by up to 20°C. Apacer's development of this active heat spreader marks the beginning of a new era in memory module heatsink design.
2. A revolutionary dual-layer heatspreader: The Apacer Aeolus memory modules are the first memory modules of their kind to use a dual-layer heat spreader architecture, which increases the heat dissipation surface by over 70% compared to a conventional single-layer design.

Apacer's DDR3-1800MHz / 1600MHz Overclocking Module

Product Name

DDR3-1800MHz / 1600MHz Overclocking Module

Memory Capacity

2GB (1GB*2)

Memory Architecture


Working Voltage

1800MHz 1.9V / 1600MHz 1.8V


240 Pin

CAS Latency


Heat Spreader

Aeolus Active Head Spreader

RoHS Compliant



Lifetime warranty


Dual-stick packaging

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