Issue No.48 / May 1, 2008


Apacer Announces Next Generation Industrial CompactFlash Card III
New Industrial Compact Flash Card III (Industrial CF III) is three times faster with greater reliability


Apacer Technology Inc., the world's largest supplier of ATA disk modules (ADM), announced their next generation Industrial Compact Flash Card III (Industrial CF III) today. The Industrial CF III is ideal for applications such as POS, Kiosks, DVRs, digital signage, IP-STB, portable devices, telecom, and networking. With industry-level reliability and CF PnP (Plug and Play) features, it is the ideal storage device for storing software and content and is easy to update.

The Industrial CF III offers significantly enhanced performance with read and write speeds up to 35MB/s and 25MB/s—more than three times faster than the last generation. This rapid performance is attained using the industry-leading 8-bit ECC (error correction coding) function for automatic error testing and correction. The Industrial CF III is based on Single Layer Cell (SLC) Flash memory and is offered in capacities from 128MB to 16GB. The Industrial CF III supports PIO, Multi-word DMA, and Ultra DMA transfer modes providing flexibility and convenience for a variety of specifications and applications.

For industrial requirements, the Apacer Industrial CF III delivers the many benefits of solid state drives (SSD), including shock and vibration resistance, durability, energy-saving, and the capability of operating in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C). Industrial CF III products will operate as normal in even the most severe conditions. Extensive reliability tests, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and impact, are performed on Industrial CF III products to ensure highest quality. On-going reliability testing (ORT) continues after mass production to guarantee product dependability and longevity.

The Industrial CF III features high capacities, speed, and the most recent specifications and excels in all measures of performance and reliability. Apacer's storage products and services are designed for industry, delivering quality and the assurance that you have selected the best.

Customer samples are now available; please contact your sales representative today.

About Apacer Embedded Flash Solutions
Apacer Technology Inc. (Apacer) is a global leader in memory modules and digital storage both in hardware and software research and development. Since the company's inception, Apacer has focused on recording, reproducing and retaining digital data of all kinds, which is the driving force in providing customers with the best memory products and services. Apacer's Embedded Flash Solutions SSD series offers the perfect replacement for traditional hard drives. This SSD series uses standard IDE/ATA, SATA and USB interface control technology to meet the storage needs of the fast-growing embedded market. For our customers, Apacer delivers a global memory module manufacturer and supply chain with products that have been independently tested as some of the best on the market in performance, reliability and value.

Product Specification



Product Image





Physical Form Factor

CompactFlash Type I, 36.4(W)*42.8(H)*3.3(T)

Operating Voltage

3.3V or 5.0V (Dual Voltage)



Transfer mode

PIO Mode-6 ; MWDMA Mode-4 ; UDMA Mode-4

Sustained Read/Write

Standard :Up to 35 /15 (MB/sec)
High Speed : Up to 35 /25 (MB/sec)

ECC Support

Up to 8 bit correction per 512 bytes (BCH)

Low Power Consumption

Active mode (Typical): 80mA/95mA
Sleep mode (Typical): 700μA /900μA


Environment Specification

Operating Temp : 0°C~+70°C (Standard)/
-40°C ~85°C (Extended Temperature)
Storage Temp :-40°C ~100°C
Shock :1,500G
Vibration : 15G
Humidity :5%~95% relative, non-condesing

Product Types

Standard(STD), Non-Removable Setting(NR), Non-DMA(ND), Extended Temp.(ET)

Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital storage for both hardware and software research and development. Since the company's inception, Apacer's focus on recording, reproducing and retaining digital data of all kinds, allows our customers to “Access the best” memory products and services. Apacer is the fifth largest independent DRAM module supplier with a global sales and marketing network to support distributors, OEMs, and retail customers. Apacer has built a reputation for memory modules that offer high performance, reliability and value. Apacer also provides some of the newest and most exciting digital mobile entertainment devices that play, record, share and store the digital content that is part of everyday life. For more information about Apacer, please visit www.apacer.com.

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