Apacer eNews
Issue No.10 / July. 20, 2004
Apacer Photo CD Burner CP200 honored
the "National Gold Award of Excellence"in Taiwan World First
"Portable Photo CD Burner"
Not Necessary to Connect to PC
Ultra-thin and with high-speed, it meets the comprehensive market needs of a mini PC, industrial computer, 1U Server
Apacer rolls out a less than 1-in.
high, complete series"Low Profile" memory module
After winning the twelfth Taiwan "Symbol of Excellence" in the beginning of the year, which was conducted by Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Apacer Photo CD Burner CP200 has been successfully selected as one of the candidates in the contest of "National Awards of Excellence"and eventually honored the 2004 "National Gold Award of Excellence" in Taiwan............more
Apacer Technology Inc. launched the complete series of a "Low Profile" memory module with a PCB less than 1 inch in height to provide comprehensive memory module design in a bid to meet the market needs of every kind of digital application with strict space and height limitations on system design, such as mini PCs, industrial computers, and 1U servers........《more

After receieivng "Symbol of Excellence" of Taiwan, Apacer's photo CD burner CP200, an innovative product developed by the company, has again been considered a great innovation by the world wide jury, and honored "National Gold Award of Excellence" of Taiwan. ......more

A brand-new EU-version ad launch of
Photo Steno Pro II CF

This is a European version of a memory card advertisement that targeted the professional photography market. The world's fastest, 100X high-speed reading feature was the biggest appeal for this advertisement. .....《more

A fresh debut of Flash Card retail package

To strengthen the development of Apacer brand memory cards in the global IT and photo channels, we specially repacked the complete series of memory cards including CF, SmartMedia, MMC, SD.

A New colored package of Photo Steno Pro II CF card series

Apacer made an updated version for the package of the flagship-type 100X Photo Steno Pro II CF card series aiming at showing it's high-performance .......《 more

Opening cocktail party of Apacer Digital Experience Hall in Taiwan

To enhance the Apacer reputation and to provide better services, Apacer specially planned and set up the "Apacer Digital Experience Hall." .......《 more 》.