eNews Issue No.38 / Jun. 1, 2007

A must-have MP3 player for fashion leaders︰Apacer 's new Audio Steno AU350
Absolutely my style! With urban chic look and high quality sound, fasionable AU350 is reday to help music lover to make the strongest fashion statement.

A MP3 player born for fashion leaders! Apacer Technology Inc, a global leader in memory modules and digital storage...more>>


Apacer announces the 172 Pin DDR2 Micro DIMM for mini notebook PCs
with the largest capacity, fastest speed and smallest size

The demand for memory upgrades have resulted from the launch of Windows Vista. While the 172 pin DDR2 Micro DIMM that used by mini notebook PCs is a special breed rarely found on the market, Apacer Technology thus announced the new Audio...more>>

Vietnam: Happy Apacer Year event

This was an event held during March to May. Consumers needed to answer an easy question about Apacer Technology to join the lucky drawing held every week during that period. The Final Day was held in Ho Chi Minh City on May 12 and in Hanoi on May 16 to invite consumers and dealers to join the event...more>>


India: Road shows in 7 cities

During April 23-May 4, major local dealers in 7 Indian cities were invited to join the road shows organized by Apacer Technology. These cities included the Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi etc...more>>

Thailand: Master Dealer Gathering at Windsor Golf on Apr 03,07

Thai agent and Apacer Technology invited major dealers in Thailand to join the gathering...more>>

Thailand: Apacer Technology exclusive showcase

Exclusive showcases for Apacer Technology were made and placed in the PC Plus stores...more>>


Thailand: BTS signboard ads for 6 months

Apacer Technology logo in lamp-boxes put in 3C market Computer City in Chiang Mai...more>>


Thailand: Apacer Technology logo in lamp-box

Apacer Technology logo in lamp-boxes put in 3C market Computer City in Chiang Mai...more>>


Thailand: IT E-Gat event

The IT E-Gat was held in Bangkok on May 29 to promote Apacer Technology products...more>>


DM desktop paper tray

For placing publicity materials in A4 or smaller sizes...more>>


Korea: Flash card ads

May issue of Monthly Photo: Presented ads of the professional photo series flash cards and introduction to the SD, MMC plus and SDHC...more>>


Memory module ads for the Philippines, India and Vietnam

May issue of HWM, May issue of DQ Channels and May issue of PC World: Presented ads on the full series of Apacer Technology memory modules...more>>


Vietnam: Memory module ads and i-Storage ads

May issue of Hoan Long Shopping Guide: Presented ads on the Apacer Technology memory modules and i-Storage products...more>>


Vietnam: USB disk with Acer campaign

From April to July, a campaign was launched with Acer. Consumers buying any Acer laptops were given the chance to get an AH320 1GB USB disk from Apacer Technology...more>>


Thailand: Supermarket promotion at Tesco Lotus

Consumers buying any mobile phone, regardless of brand and model, at Tesco Lotus can get a MicroSD card of 512MB produced by Apacer Technology at Baht199...more>>


Thailand: Supermarket promotion at IT City

The AH220 USB disk and AU822 MP3 player from Apacer Technology were promoted...more>>


New Zealand: Intel Solution Summit 2007

April 11-13, Apacer Technology participated in the Intel Solution Summit held in Auckland, New Zealand...more>>


May 15-24: Intel Channel Conference (AMT)

Increasing interactions with dealers and understanding new technologies and products; with onsite promotional activities to promote sales...more>>


May 5-13: NOVA Computer Festival-Market Event (AMT)

Displayed the HA202 (ReadBoost compatible) and promotional activity...more>>


April 20-May 21: 10th Anniversary Celebration (AMT)

Consumers buying any Apacer products from our stores in Taiwan may join the lucky drawing by entering their lucky number!
3251 consumers joined the event; 2467 won grand prizes and 784 won consolation prizes.
The number of EC members in Taiwan increased from 1953 to 3775 people.
A total of 1822 people became members during the event (a growth by 93%)...


HA202 ReadyBoost compatibility report (AMT)...more>>


USB flash drive design concept: How to make products more portable to users and ensure mass production (AMT)...more>>


Features of the limited USB disk AH520 (AMT)...more>>


June 6-9 Computex Taipei

Relevant gifts...more>>





超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻發表頂級DDR2 1200 plus超頻記憶體模組

DigiTimes IT採購:宇瞻科技舉行COMPUTEX射擊大賽讓電腦玩家享受超頻記憶體極速快感



HOPENET:宇瞻發表新一代固態硬碟 存取速度快兩倍


DCView:Apacer@Computex 射擊大賽





D-CROSS:Apacer 宇瞻科技 Computex 射擊大賽 讓電腦玩家享受宇瞻超頻記憶體極速快感

DIGITIMES:宇瞻科技舉行COMPUTEX射擊大賽 讓電腦玩家享受超頻記憶體極速快感

DIGITIMES:固態硬碟世代來臨30奈米製程以下有榮景可期每1GB NAND Flash成本降到1美元時 將取代硬碟


PCoffice:話題新機Apacer Handy Steno AH520

PCoffice:精品情報Apacer Handy Steno AH125


Download:硬體館Apacer Handy Steno AH520


ComputerDIY:靚品大觀Apacer DDR2 Registered Mini DIMM




NOVA情報誌:Windows Vista最佳拍檔


IThome電腦報:Apacer宇瞻科技發表172 PinDDR2 Micro DIMM


PCHOME:時尚活潑 高性價宇瞻珊瑚碟閃盤

PCHOME:降價延續 黃金周熱賣記憶體推薦排行榜

PCPOP:普通記憶體防偽沒用 6大防偽讓你不被騙:宇瞻記憶體鑒別方法


PCPOP:五一記憶體也降價 11款主流1GB記憶體速購 :Apacer (宇瞻)1GB DDR2-667

天極:1G記憶體普及 三大件市場分析與產品推薦

ZOL:宇瞻科技2007 "老友見面會" 即將召開

ZOL:宇瞻攜手百腦匯 掀起大學生才藝選拔賽高潮

小熊:宇瞻科技2007 "老友見面會" 即將召開

PCHOME:宇瞻科技2007 "老友見面會" 即將召開


PCPOP:指甲蓋的戰爭 13款microSD卡橫向測試

ZOL:AVISTA絢芯之旅駛入北京校園 WCG總決賽指定記憶體閃亮登場

小熊線上:VISTA絢芯之旅駛入北京校園 WCG總決賽指定記憶體閃亮登場

IT168:VISTA駛入北京校園 WCG總決賽指定記憶體登場

矽穀動力:宇贍Vista絢芯之旅活動 駛北京校園

ZOL:白領女性第一選擇 測宇瞻AH124優盤

IT168:老友相聚 共贏明天

PCHOME:還是著眼現在比較好 6千元Vista裝機

PCHOME:宇瞻情迷超小體積 AH125 2G閃盤評測

PCHOME:環保與便利相容 閃銀殺手 2G閃盤評測

ZOL:已達主機板上限 宇瞻800/2GB四條同測

ZOL:共贏明天 宇瞻全國經銷商會盛大開幕

天極:合作共贏 共同發展!宇瞻召開07年經銷商大會

天極:每秒9.6GB! 宇瞻推1.2GHz DDR2記憶體

PCH0ME:小幅回落 6款主流1G記憶體價格走勢綜述


印度 Market Flash- DDR2 172pin Micro DIMM

印度 NCN- DDR2 172pin Micro DIMM

印度 itVarNews- DDR2 172pin Micro DIMM

印度 Channeltimes- appointed Jupiter as National Distributor

印度 NCN- appointed Jupiter as National Distributor

印度 VarIndia- appointed Jupiter as National Distributor

印度 itVarNews- appointed Jupiter as National Distributor

印度 NCN- Apacer Road show review

菲律賓 The Manila Times- Apacer gets ready for DDR3 (Apr)

菲律賓 The Manila Times- MP3 Feature- Apacer AU822 (Apr)

越南 PC World- Apacer gets ready for DDR3 (Apr)

越南 PC World- USB Review- Apacer, PNY, and PQI


The Netherlands www.hardware-info.nl:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Germany ComputerVideo:Apacer SDHC Flash Card

Italy PC Open:AWARD 1st place AH202 and HT203

Netherlands ComputerIdee:Apacer Audio Steno AU231

UK www.it-review.net:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

UK www.techshout.com:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Ukraine Hi-Tech Pro:Apacer Handy Steno AH520

Ukraine Hi-Tech Pro:Apacer Audio Steno AU524

Germany Chip:Apacer Handy Steno AH520

Russia Foto&video:Apacer SDHC Flash Card

Russia www.ixbt.com:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Ukraine www.foto.ua:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.news.finestreet.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.nomobile.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Ukraine www.itua.info:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Ukraine www.vlasnasprava.info:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.hardnsoft.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.flashkin.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.mobile-review.com:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.itrussia.com:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia www.zpublic.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Russia TechnoNEWS:Product introduction DDR2 667 FB-DIMM

Russia TechnoNEWS:Apacer Handy Steno AH124&AH125

Russia www.znanie-darom.nnm.ru:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Lithuania Stuff Magazine:Apacer Handy Steno HT203 ReadyBoost
Apacer will release a new Handy Drive, Handy Steno AH421.
Apacer will release a new Card Reader AM250.
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