eNews Issue No.41 / Sep. 1, 2007

Apacer is ready to bring more space for customers by advancing compression tech "ACE"
Apacer Compression Explorer (ACE) and extend flash drive up to magnificent 5x capacity.

ACE is advancing application software designed by Apacer that provides the most efficient solutions for file storage and password protection. With highly...more>>


Apacer introduces the brand new Photo Steno 300X CF card
Recording splendid moments with your professional cameras with super high speed and capacity

Apacer 300X CF is equipped with the highly compatible high-performance controller, advanced file management ability at faster data transferring rate, and longer life with Apacer exclusive "Wear Leveling Technology"...more>>

Geek must have hardware apparetus-DDR2 1200 memory modules

Because of the geek's need detrude DDR2 1200 memory module, fulfillment play games need...more>>


DRAM sticker

According to install computer market,promote Apacer memory module exposure...more>>

Apacer's store in Taichung change image

According to new guideline and new product, change Apacer's store image...more>>

3-in1 game in Taiwan

Sponsored the biggest play game in Taiwan and promote Apacer brand...more>>


AH421 Product review

Apacer Technology Inc new Handy Steno AH421which can swivel 180 degree for user's convenience, and it is also the world's first blade-shaped design ...more>>


Vietnam video game sponsor

From July 12-15,during the computer show Apacer sponsored the video game ...more>>


Vietnam and Fujifilm joint promotion

From July 12-15,during the computer game Apacer cooperated with Fujifilm to promote Apacer Brand...more>>


Australia Children TV Show Sponsorship

On April 4th, Apacer sponsored GO GO STOP children TV show. Winners could have a chance to get Apacer MP3- AU231 and USB- AH123...more>>


Thailand AD- IT Superstore Catalogue

In August, Apacer advertised in the catalogue of Connect, the one-stop IT superstore...more>>


Thailand Apacer Leaflet (Aug)

Apacer leaflet- August issue...more>>


Thailand HWM- Computex feature

HWM TH- Computex Taipei 2007 Feature...more>>


Thailand- Big advertisement at Metro station (for 6 months)

Big advertisement in Bangkok Sukhumvit / Lad Praw metro station: from May to October, 6 months in total...more>>


Korea- professional Flash card advertisement

Monthly Photo June issue- ad: professional photo series flash cards...more>>


Vietnam- DRAM advertisement

DRAM AD in PC World Gaming magazine (Vietnam)...more>>


Vietnam AH421 Product review

AH421 Product review in PC World Vietnam...more>>


Vietnam AD in E-Chip (July06~July12)

Advertisement in E-Chip, Vietnam, from July 06 to July 12...more>>


Philippines- Report of magazine readers' contest

In April, Apacer did a reader contest with HWM Philippines. The prizes were three AH124 1GB Handy drives. In HWM PH August issue, there was a report showing the success of this contest...more>>


Vietnam AD in E-Chip (Jun29~July05)

Advertisement in E-Chip, Vietnam, from June 29 to July 05...more>>


India interview in DQ Channels July issue...more>>


India AD- DRAM (DQ Channels)...more>>


India AD- DRAM (it Web Quest)...more>>


Australia big poster (200W x 100H cm)...more>>

Thailand July Power Buy Leaflet...more>>

Thailand co-promotion with M-Link on July 07

When buy Nokia 6630 from M-Link, get free Apacer DV-RS MMC 256MB. For 1,000 persons only...more>>


Thailand Apacer Road Show at Srinakarin Wiroj University on July 13t...more>>


Thailand IT City – Expo on July 26 – Aug 13 at Pantip Plaza ...more>>


Thailand IT City – Expo on July 26 – Aug 13 at Zeer Rangsit...more>>


Thailand Chi Chang Big Bonus on July 27 – 30 at Central Airport Chiangmai...more>>


Thailand Power Buy Digital World on Thairath Newspaper for July 31 – Aug 06...more>>


Thailand Power Buy Digital World Event at Central Pinklao on July 31 – Aug 06...more>>


Thailand Tesco Lotus Mail for July 31 – Aug 31

Promote Apacer Micro SD Card 1 GB Also, bundling Apacer Flash Drive 2 GB with PC / NB...more>>


Blitz Day on Aug 15-17 at SIS / Welltech / Ingram / Digiland...more>>


Unwire Campus on July 05 at Kasetsart University...more>>


Unwire Campus on July 07 at Siam Paragon...more>>


Unwire Campus on July 09 at CBU...more>>


Unwire Campus on July 20-21 at Central Kard Suan Kaew...more>>


Unwire Campus on July 24-25 at Sripatum University...more>>


Unwire Campus on Aug 03-04,07 at Siam Center...more>>


i-storage product brochure...more>>


i-storage poster...more>>


Apacer product image AD...more>>



超頻者天堂:內嵌+可旋轉180度-Apacer 「勁轉碟」

DIGITIMES:宇瞻全系列隨身碟搭贈ACE壓縮軟體輕鬆拖曳壓縮 加大隨身碟500%儲存空間


超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

tom's硬體指南:Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

攝影家手札: Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

重灌狂人: Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體

D-CROSS: Apacer 宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈 ACE 壓縮軟體

NOVA情報誌:小瑪推薦 Apacer DDR2 1200 Plus

PChome:產品新聞Apacer Steno AU350

PChome:3C估價王 AH421

PChome:廠商動態專為Vista ReadyBoost設計的AH421勁轉碟

PCoffice:Apacer AU581 MP3音樂播放器,展現自我風格





PCDIY:宇瞻WCG DDR2 1200 plus記憶體模組


DIGITIMES:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3播放器

IThome:Apacer宇瞻科技全系列隨身碟 全面搭贈ACE壓縮軟體


IT168:2007年度DDR2 800記憶體橫評--產品賞析

天極:暑期裝機必看 宇瞻記憶體排出"全明星"陣容


天極:型如粉盒!宇瞻SDHC 2.0讀卡器AM250上櫃


ZOL:型如粉盒!宇瞻SDHC 2.0讀卡器AM250上櫃

IT168:型如粉盒 宇瞻SDHC 2.0讀卡器AM250上市

小熊線上:型如粉盒,宇瞻SDHC 2.0讀卡器AM250上櫃

IT168:暑期裝機 宇瞻記憶體排出"全明星"陣容

IT168:突破讀卡器新觀念 宇瞻AS100評測報告

PCHOME:扔掉DDR2 667!5款DDR2 800記憶體任你挑

IT168:1200MHz不是終點 宇瞻PC9600超頻測試


IT168:[杭州]超頻潛力股 宇瞻DDR2 1066套裝


ZOL:外觀靚性能強 宇瞻多合一讀卡器測試

IT168:新閃銀殺手 宇瞻8GB HA202快閃記憶體試用評測

ZOL:DDR3 記憶體上陣,助力宇瞻徵文活動


ZOL:頂級裝備 宇瞻DDR2-1200已接受預定

it.com.cn:DDR3 記憶體上陣 助力宇瞻徵文活動

矽谷動力:DDR3 記憶體上陣,助力宇瞻徵文活動




ZOL:大容量高速率 8GB宇瞻150X CF卡評測

IT168:玩美讀寫 宇瞻AM250"粉盒"讀卡器評測

小熊線上:DDR3 記憶體上陣,助力宇瞻徵文活動

IT168:最高抵扣30元 宇瞻推出電子優惠券

it.com.cn:最高抵扣30元 宇瞻推出電子優惠券

文三街線上:宇瞻推出電子優惠券 快閃記憶體盤特價促銷

IT168:轉出精彩! 宇瞻AH421勁轉碟評測報告

PCHOME:筆記本酷裝 宇瞻Readyboost專用快閃記憶體

IT168:宇瞻ACE 以一當五的存儲方案

文三街線上:開學優惠沒商量 宇瞻U盤杭州特價促銷

文三街線上:週末文三街 迎開學促銷大戰再度開演

it.com.cn:宇瞻快閃記憶體特惠 東芝筆記本頤高展示

小熊浙江站:宇瞻U盤暑期優惠 東芝本本展示繼續

IT168:[杭州]迎開學 宇瞻快閃記憶體盤杭州現場促銷

小熊線上:宇瞻超頻系列DDR2 1200正式接受預定

PCHOME:挑戰極限 宇瞻300X CF卡即將內地上市

矽谷動力:宇瞻超頻系列DDR2 1200正式接受預定


菲律賓 AU350- HWM Magazine

菲律賓DDR3 1600- HWM Magazine

印度 AU350- it Web Quest

印度DDR2 667 Low latency SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa- Channel World

印度DDR2 667 Low latency SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa- Techshout

印度DDR2 667 Low latency SO-DIMM for Santa Rosa- Cell it

印度AU350- NCN

印度AU350- Media net

印度AU350- Tech Gadgets

印度AU350- Techshout

印度AU350- Techtree



Slovakia PC Revue:Apacer Handy Steno AH421

Slovakia PC Revue:Apacer Handy Steno AH221

Netherlands Hardware info:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Netherlands www.persberichten.com:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Latvia http://lat.times.lv:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Romania http://www.voxword.com:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Romania http://stiri.acasa.ro:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

UK http://it-review.net:Apacer Card Reader AM250

Latvia http://lat.times.lv:Apacer Card Reader AM250

Netherlands www.hardware.info:Apacer Card Reader AM250

Czech http://www.ifotovideo.cz:Apacer Card Reader AM250

Netherlands www.hardware.info:Apacer DDR2 FB-DIMM 800MHZ

Netherlands http://www.vnunet.nl:Apacer DDR2 667 MHz FB-DIMM

Latvia http://lat.times.lv:Apacer DDR2 667 MHz FB-DIMM

UK www.techshout.com:Apacer DDR2 FB-DIMM 800MHZ

Middle East Windows ME e-news:Apacer banner

Norway Komputer for Alla:Apacer Handy Steno AH421, AM300, Audio Steno AU524
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