eNews Issue No.34 / Feb.1, 2007

A smart mini USB flash drive with chic special pack: Apacer's brand new AH124 and AH125
With innovative handy design and stylish attached pack, AH124 and AH125 both offer a completed digital storage idea, and provide the best solution for mobile storage!

Here comes new generation USB flash drive! Apacer Technology Inc, a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, today launched brand new AH124 and...more>>


Apacer FB-DIMM is the best choice for Apple Mac Pro

Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, continues its close collaboration with memory modules specially designed for the Apple Mac Pro Workstations. Apace release DDR2 667 Fully-Buffered DIMM memory modules for Apple enthusiasts. Apple Mac Pro...more>>

Apacer On-the-spot Shots in 95 IT Month in Taiwan

Apacer wants to share photos from the 95 IT month in Taiwan from December 2 to 10.... more>>

Commart Show in Tailand

Apacer wants to share photos from the Commart Show in Thailand from November 2 to 5... more>>


E-Sport Annual Game Contest in Vietnam

From Decomber 16 to 17, Apacer joined the E-Sport Game Contest in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Apacer provided its products( including memory modules and handy drives) to all winners in this game...more>>


PCShopper 2006 Annual IT Products Award

Apacer Handy Steno AH123 won PCShopper magazine's 2006 Annual IT Products Award... more >>


Specially Designed Giveaways for 95 IT Month...more >>


Promotion DM and Stand for 95 IT Month...more>>

Apacer SDHC Flash Card Series DM Available Now (Global Version)...more>> 

Apacer SDHC Flash Card Series DM Available Now (Mandarin Version)...more >>

ACE Magician Stand in 95 IT Month...more >> 
Apacer introduces New WCG Exclusive Edition Overclocking Series DDR2 800MHz Low-CAS Latency CL4 Unbuffered Memory Modules
Leads the new trend for overclockers maximizing system performance

As the official memory supplier for the World Cyber Games 2006 (WCG2006) Grand Final, the world's largest PC and video gaming event, Apacer Technology Inc., a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, is releasing a New WCG Exclusive Edition Overclocking Series memory module that includes a DDR2 800MHz Low-CAS Latency CL4 unbuffered 2 GB kit (1 GB x 2) and 1 GB kit (512 MB x 2). This new memory module satisfies the demanding performance requirements of cyber gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts pushing their platforms to the limit....more>>

Apacer Handy Steno AH320 Promotion in Aisa Pacific Region

Apacer released its news in the first page of Asia Pacific region website that Handy Steno AH320 won the Silver Award of HWM magazine in Philipine. This exposure would increase the brand and product quality awareness...more>>

Apacer 2007 Brand New Giveaways for Aisa Pacific Region I

Basing on Apacer brand image and full lines of products, Apacer designed a new playing cards as 2007 annual giveaway...more>>

Apacer 2007 Brand New Giveaways for Aisa Pacific Region II

Basing on Apacer brand image and full lines of products, Apacer cooperate with 3M to design a Post-it Notes as 2007 annual giveaway... more >>

Apacer (Booth #35575) will debut Handy Steno AH520 at 2007 International CES, January 8-11, at South Hall 4 of the Las Vegas Convention Center
Enhanced for ReadyBoost, AH520 makes application run faster on Windows® Vista™

Apacer Technology Inc, a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, will launch the new Handy Steno AH520, a high performance USB flash drive with hip look, at 2007 International CES. AH520's revolutionary capless design and magnetic locking strap won the 2006 Japan G-Mark design award. Users could easily match it with outfit. Beyond the chic look, AH520 offers up to 8 GB of storage, 240X high performance USB 2.0 interface, and ready for Windows® Vista® ReadyBoost. Combining style and quality, AH520 is the first class product that provides the most efficient technology solution and fashion statement...more>>





D-CROSS:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡

DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高速Class 6 SDHC記憶卡



Stuff:SO-DIMM筆電記憶體新上市& microSD記憶卡介紹

DIGIPHOTO:Apacer宇瞻科技Photo Steno Pro III CF 150X 記憶卡報導

PCShopper:Apacer宇瞻WCG2006全球限量版超頻系列DDR2 1066MHz記憶體模組

PCShopper:Apacer宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體








digitalhome:NB最前線-Apacer宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體

digitalhome:Apacer宇瞻科技推出高容量手機記憶卡-microSD 1GB&2GB



ComputerDIY:Apacer宇瞻科技推出2GB SO-DIMM筆記型電腦記憶體


ComputerDIY:系統加速萬靈丹-Apacer DDR2 1066記憶體測試報導

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM

Cpro資傳網:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM

Cpro資傳網:Apacer宇瞻科技讓蘋果更甜了— Mac Pro專用FB-DIMM DDR2 667記憶體模組

重灌狂人:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技讓蘋果更甜了— Mac Pro專用FB-DIMM DDR2 667記憶體模組

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM


POWERUSER:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM

太平洋新聞網:Apacer宇瞻陪您迎金豬 貼心加油送好禮


Cpro資傳網:Apacer宇瞻陪您迎金豬 貼心加油送好禮

3Cbank部落格:Apacer宇瞻科技讓蘋果更甜了— Mac Pro專用FB-DIMM DDR2 667記憶體模組

數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM

攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻陪您迎金豬 貼心加油送好禮


CNET商情資訊:Apacer宇瞻陪您迎金豬 貼心加油送好禮& Apacer宇瞻科技讓蘋果更甜了— Mac Pro專用FB-DIMM DDR2 667記憶體模組

PConline:Apacer宇瞻科技專業發表DDR2 667/533 4GB ECC Registered DIMM




NOVA情報誌1月號:Apacer AU522

PhoneDaily1/1:Apacer Mobile Series Flash Card AD

digitalhome:Apacer AH320 AD

D-CROSS:Apacer宇瞻陪您迎金豬 貼心加油送好禮

Cpro資傳網:Apacer 宇瞻科技DDRII 1066MHz超頻系列記憶體模組獎不完

超頻者天堂:Apacer 宇瞻科技 DDRII 1066MHz 超頻系列記憶體模組獎不完

攝影家手札:Apacer 宇瞻科技DDRII 1066MHz超頻系列記憶體模組獎不完領先全球率先取得ATI CrossFire Certified認證



學電腦:宇瞻DDR2 800


硬派網:AMD Opteron平台 宇瞻DDR2伺服器記憶體

小熊在線:王者線上 宇瞻黑豹Ⅱ代記憶體即將上市

Pconline:王者線上 宇瞻黑豹Ⅱ代記憶體即將上市

天極:王者線上 宇瞻黑豹Ⅱ代記憶體即將上市

PCShow.net:王者線上 宇瞻黑豹Ⅱ代記憶體即將上市

中關村在線:冬季送溫暖 宇瞻記憶體送禦寒手套圍巾

泡泡網:宇瞻4GB ECC記憶體為新Opteron平台開路

泡泡網:王者線上 宇瞻黑豹Ⅱ代記憶體即將上市


Pconline:宇瞻DDR2 伺服器記憶體 AMD 新一代Opteron™平臺的專用






PCshow.net:熱血燃燒! 宇瞻DDR2 1066挑戰Vista

韓國DC雜誌十二月號:呈現Apacer Photo Steno Pro III 4GB CF Card 和 Professional Photo Series Flash Cards

越南PC World雜誌十二月號:呈現Apacer AH320 Compressor,在越南當地強力推廣此產品

越南Hoan Long Computer賣場 Dec 16 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南ST Computer賣場 Dec 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南TNC Computer賣場 Dec 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

越南Titan Computer賣場 Dec 15 weekly price booklet:呈現Apacer產品

紐西蘭PC World雜誌十二月號:呈現 Apacer USB Drives和MP3 Players

越南 PC World雜誌十二月號:刊登宇瞻壓縮碟AH320的產品介紹與其測試結果

泰國 家樂福十月號購買手冊:宇瞻隨身碟AH220 (White)曝光推廣

泰國Apacer Monthly Leaflet Oct 16~ Nov 15:推廣宇瞻科技全系列產品



韓國Monthly Photo雜誌一月號:呈現 professional photo series flash cards 廣告 和SD卡, MMCplus卡, SDHC卡的產品介紹

韓國DC雜誌一月號:呈現 professional photo series flash cards的廣告

菲律賓HWM一月號:AH320榮獲HWM 雜誌的銀質獎 Silver Award

菲律賓HWM一月號:刊登宇瞻記憶體模組 DDR2 667/533 2GB SO-DIMM 的產品介紹

印度 Computer Active 2006 十二月號:刊登宇瞻USB AH123 產品送測的成果

印尼 HWM “Gift Guide for 2007- 100 Hot Products" 專刊:榮列宇瞻隨身碟HA202為其熱門且值得推薦之產品

印尼HWM 2006 十二月號:刊登宇瞻隨身碟AH123的產品介紹

印度EFYTimes online:Apacer Intros Handy Steno AH520


Windows Middle East group:Test with AU822

Lithuania Stuff:Competition with AU231 and review AH320 ACE

Russia Focus:Photo Steno Pro III Test

IDG:Calendar Website Competition

Netherlands Computer Idee:USB Hub PH150 Product review
Apacer will cooperate with Australian distributor, Bluechip, to join the local children TV program "Go Go Stop" and provide Apacer products as gifts.
To celebrate the "Golden Pig Year", Apacer is going to hold promotion activity on the full lines of products in Taiwan. Customers might have a chance to get a free oil ticket if they buy any product of Apacer!
Apacer will cooperate with Microsoft to hold a roadshow introducing Vista in KMall shopping mall in Taipei at Feb. 4th. Apacer will display DDR2 1066 Overclocking DRAM modules and Handy Steno HA202 enhanced for Windows Vista and there will be several special promotions on that date. Welcome joining us to the event!
To promote DDR2 1066 Overclocking DRAM modules, Apacer will hold a activity with ASUS from Feb. 1st to March 15th. During this time, usere can buy appointed packages in special prices. Besides, users can join the contest of Overclocking Test and have the chance to win the bountiful reward of NT30000 dollars.
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