eNews Issue No.40 / Aug. 1, 2007

Sharing your digital entertainment with style︰Apacer's new Audio Steno AU840
Absolutely my style! Integrating technology and fashion, the AU840 is the most powerful mobile multimedia center, and also the best choice to display your taste.

Apacer Technology Inc, a global leader in memory modules and digital storage, today announced the new Audio Steno...more>>


Apacer announces the world's first DDR3-1600MHz overclocking module, starting a DDR3 overclocking war

The world's fifth largest memory module maker Apacer Technology today announced the DDR3 for desktop range. This high-level DDR3 range offering fully supports the Bearlake desktop chipset from Intel, marking the official entry into the new era of DDR3 with higher performance, lower energy consumption and...more>>

A series of flash card DM

Refresh new product of flash card, image, mini SD card to meet different population's needs...more>>


Mobile flash card DM

To provide professional product introduction is mainly aimed to cell phone channel...more>>


The newly USB/MP3 product, let consumer to find everything fresh and new...more>>

A series of product advertisement

For Computer Application Show on August , mainly show all series of product, let consumer know Apacer product more...more>>


DRAM advertisement

As a DRAM Module specialist, when think of DRAM Module will think Apacer technology first...more>>


PC Shopper 3C account activity

By way of channel activity and interactive with coumser to advertise the latest Handy and MP3 ...more>>


10th anniversary dealers rewarding activity

To thanks for dealer support, specially conducts a activity to draw Wii every week from August 6 to September 30, feedback for the dealers...more>>


Vietnam-the biggest computer show of VCW Expo 2007

From July 12 to 15, Apacer and dealer join the biggest computer show of VCW Expo 2007...more>>


Vietnam –support IT Conference

From July 12 to 15, Apacer support IT Conference during the computer show...more>>


Thailand Com and Digital exhibition

From June 28 to July 3, Apacer joins Com and Digital exhibition...more>>


Thailand Tesco Lotus promotion activity

From June 29 to July 30, Apacer made a product promotion activity on superstore's DM ...more>>


Thailand- Big advertisement at Metro station (for 6 months)

Big advertisement in Bangkok Sukhumvit / Lad Praw metro station: from May to October, 6 months in total...more>>


Korea- professional Flash card advertisement

Monthly Photo June issue- ad: professional photo series flash cards...more>>


Vietnam- DRAM advertisement

PC World July issue- DRAM Module series ad; also an announcement for Apacer promotion activity during July Vietnam biggest computer show...more>>


Vietnam- USB Joint promotion with Acer VN

From April to July, Apacer runs a joint promotion with Acer Vietnam; anyone who buys Acer Notebook will have a chance to win Apacer AH320 Compressor 1GB...more>>


Vietnam Hoan Long DRAM Module advertisement

DRAM Module series ad; also an announcement for Apacer promotion activity during July Vietnam biggest computer show...more>>


Vietnam Hoan Long i-storage advertisement

i-storage series ad; also an announcement for Apacer promotion activity during July Vietnam biggest computer show...more>>


Philippines DRAM advertisement

HWM July issue- DRAM advertisement...more>>


Vietnam facture-baseball cap

Vietnam Apacer cap...more>>


Vietnam facture-raincoat

Vietnam Apacer raincoat...more>>



DV哈燒網:Apacer宇瞻發表最新AU581 MP3音樂播放器


數位影像坊:Apacer宇瞻科技發表microSD三合一記憶卡,一卡可做三卡用 更換3C配備不用換記憶卡

ComputerDIY:靚品大觀Apacer AU350 MP3音樂播放器

ComputerDIY:展場直擊Apacer宇瞻DDR3-1600, Apacer 固態硬碟,Apacer SDHC

ComputerDIY:Apacer推出DDR2 800 Fully Buffered DIMM

Call:Mobile NEWS Vista專用隨身碟宇瞻科技


PCDIY:資訊櫥窗Apacer宇瞻推出DDR2 800 Fully Buffered DIMM記憶體

PCDIY:資訊櫥窗Apacer宇瞻發表AU350 MP3音樂播放器

Digitalhome:flash商情快訊Apacer發表最新款AU350 MP3音樂播放器


NOVA情報誌:超人器發燒商品Apacer AU350

NOVA情報誌:爆新聞 AH421


統一元氣館賞物誌:Apacer AU524

手機GOGO:新訊快遞Apacer microSD記憶卡




滄者極限:Apacer宇瞻科技發表新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器



超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器

超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技為2007「世界電玩大賽 台灣區國手選拔賽」官方指定記憶體

超頻者天堂:宇瞻發表支援Santa Rosa平台-DDR2 667 CL4 NB記憶體

D-CROSS:宇瞻科技領先全球發表支援 Santa Rosa 平台 -DDR2 667 C L4 筆記型電腦記憶體

電子工程專輯:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器

DIGITIMES:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器

tom's硬體指南:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器

XF Media:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器

亞洲電子科技網:宇瞻科技發表最新款AU581 MP3音樂播放器


攝影家手札:Apacer宇瞻科技發表microSD三合一記憶卡,一卡可做三卡用 更換3C配備不用換記憶卡


XF Media:宇瞻科技發表microSD三合一記憶卡




超頻者天堂:Apacer宇瞻科技發表最新款AU350 MP3音樂播放器

XF Media:宇瞻發表最新款MP3播放器AU350

DIGITIMES:宇瞻支持2007世界電玩大賽台灣區國手選拔賽Apacer DDR2 1200 plus成為官方指定記憶體模組

遊戲基地:世界電玩大賽 台灣區國手選拔賽開賽

DIGITIMES:宇瞻領先推出DDR2 800 Fully Buffered DIMM 滿足高階伺服器高容量及高速度需求



PCHOME:最超值價位 暑假期間3K到5K攢機導購

IT168:美,隨處可見 宇瞻新品指環碟上市

PCHOME:記憶體價格暴漲50% 各線產品該如何購買

ZOL:外觀驚人 宇瞻推出單條4G伺服器記憶體


小熊線上:宇瞻推出單條2GB 筆記本記憶體

ZOL:宇瞻推出單條2GB 筆記本記憶體

天極: Santa Rosa平臺最強記憶體曝光(圖)

矽穀動力:宇瞻推出單條2GB容量 筆記本記憶體

PCHOME:美 隨處可見 宇瞻新品指環碟日前上市

PCHOME:單條2GB高容量筆記本記憶體 宇瞻推出

ZOL :不怕價格漲 3款超值1GB/800記憶體導購

ZOL:隨時可以變臉 宇瞻閃銀殺手優盤測試

PCPOP: 普及大容量記憶體 2GB筆記本記憶體將推出

ZOL :三星晶片 宇瞻推單條2GB筆記本記憶體

PCHOME:讀卡器的外觀戰略 apacer AM250圖賞

ZOL :比U盤更實用 宇瞻MicroSD讀卡器評測

PCPOP: 絕對放心!嚴打時期推薦的7款1GB記憶體

ZOL:暑期價格戰打響 超值存儲產品全搜羅

ZOL:全球最快頻率 宇瞻推DDR3-1600記憶體

PCHOME:商務精英所選 宇瞻2G豪華U盤套裝上市

INTO:暑期裝機 宇瞻記憶體震撼出擊

ZOL:面向伺服器 1GB宇瞻FB-DIMM記憶體到貨

PCHOME:讀卡器的外觀戰略 apacer AM250試用

小熊線上:走到那,用到哪宇瞻科技發表--- AS100 MicroSD專用讀卡器

天極:走到那用到哪!宇瞻發表AS100 MicroSD讀卡器

ZOL :小體積大容量 2GB宇瞻MicroSD卡評測

ZOL 宇瞻發表--AS100 MicroSD專用讀卡器

PChome :宇瞻發表---AS100 MicroSD專用讀卡器

IT168:走到那用到哪 宇瞻AS100 MicroSD專用讀卡器

天極:挑戰極限頻率!宇瞻DDR3 1333記憶體性能測試

ZOL :以1333MHz入門 宇瞻DDR3 1GB記憶體測試

PCPOP: CPU/記憶體/硬碟完美配 超值三件套推薦

ZOL :性能強悍 宇瞻低延時DDR2-1200圖賞

ZOL 價格不菲 宇瞻2GB DDR2-800即將到貨

ZOL 國內 第一支完全貼合筆記本的快閃記憶體盤



矽穀動力:筆記本專用 宇瞻發佈快閃記憶體盤—AH421



IT168:筆記本專用U盤誕生 宇瞻AH421勁轉碟

ZOL 專為時尚女性設計 宇瞻推新款讀卡器

ZOL:DDR2性能巔峰 宇瞻2GB/1200套裝測試

ZOL 菜鳥裝機必看 專家解析記憶體基礎知識

ZOL 讓Vista騰飛 5款ReadyBoost優盤導購

ZOL 鎂光D9晶片 宇瞻單條2G/667本條到貨

印度 Market Flash- DDR2 1200

印度 NCN- DDR2 1200

印度 EFYtimes- DDR2 667/533 ECC Reg-DIMM for AMD Platform

印度 NCN- DDR2 667/533 ECC Reg-DIMM for AMD Platform

印度 Techshout- DDR2 667/533 ECC Reg-DIMM for AMD Platform

印度 Var India- DDR2 667/533 ECC Reg-DIMM for AMD Platform

印度 itVarNews- DDR3 1600

印度 Techtree- DDR3 1600

印度 Techshout- DDR3 1600

印度 Var India- DDR3 1600

印度 NCN- DDR3 1600

菲律賓 HWM- DDR3 1600

菲律賓 AH421

菲律賓 AU581

越南 PC World- DDR3 1600

越南 Techware- DDR3 1600

菲律賓 HWM- 172 pin Micro DIMM


Russian Digital:Apacer SDHC class 6

Maxim:Apacer PH150 USB Hub

PCM Magazine:Apacer Audio Steno AU231

Zoom.nl:Apacer Card Reader AM250

www.atcomp.cz:Apacer Handy Steno AH421

it-review.net:Apacer Handy Steno AH421

Computer Totaal:Apacer Audio Steno AU524

Windows Middle East:Apacer advertisement

CDR-Lab:Apacer Handy Steno AH421

PC Magazine:Apacer PH150 USB Hub

PC Space:Apacer Handy Steno AH421

PC World:Apacer movie on DV introduction

PC Consument:Apacer Handy Steno AH320

ComputerIdee:Apacer Card Reader AE161

Upgrade:Apacer Audio Steno AU350

Upgrade:Apacer SDHC class 6

PC Magazine:Apacer DDR3

www.comprice.ru:Apacer Audio Steno AU822

Computerra:Apacer Audio Steno AU350
Acer and Apacer Unwire Campus 2007 Campaign (From June to August)
India reseller scheme
Apacer will release a new miniSDHC 4GB
Apacer will release a new CF Card 300X
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