eNews Issue No.45 / Jan.1, 2008

Revolutionary Shape & Interface for music pleasure: Apacer's new audio steno AU860
Absolutely my style! The world's first S-shaped MP4 player with the unique thermal-sensing touch pad

New AU860 MP4 player. Its revolutionary S-shaped housing not only gives the AU860 a contemporary designer shape, but also makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. ...more>>


Apacer introduces microSDHC class 6 4GB memory card to aim at sophisticated mobile world
Large capacity brings your digital life on-the-go with unlimited fun

With growing interest by consumers to enjoy multi media such as music, pictures and videos on advanced mobile phones, the original microSD card format with limit of 2GB can not provide the sufficient storage to share...more>>

12/1-12/9 96 IT Month

By IT Month provide the consumer giveback...more>>


Taoyuan service Banner

Set up service center in Taiwan from North to South, let consumer can contact more easily...more>>

AMT year-end giveaway-Notebook

Send to the agent/dealer, for more closely cooperation in the new year...more>>

India Media Interview

Digital Edge interviewed Cindy and Apacer's Indian distributors...more>>


India AD- DRAM...more>>


India AD Banner in itvarnews website...more>>


Korea- professional Flash card advertisement

Oct issue...


Korea search marketing in Yahoo...more>>


Vietnam AD- DRAM...more>>


Vietnam Media review- DDR3 1066 512MBx2...more>>


Vietnam Media review- AH225...more>>


Philippines SDHC C6 8GB Won Award...more>>


Philippines 2008 Gift Guide Book – AH421...more>>


Australia AU581 Won Award...more>>


AMC DRAM new design package...more>>


AMC uncle zhan QA on the internet...more>>


AMC CBINEWS award report...more>>





PCDIY:Apacer DDR2 1066 1GB Module

2007 PCDIY 玩家票選專刊:玩家推薦記憶體

NOVA:金士頓 創見 土洋大戰 宇瞻奪花冠

PChome Shopper:Apacer Photo Steno Pro IV CF 300X / Apacer AH225

PChome Shopper:宇瞻科技用愛的記憶歡慶十週年


ComputerDIY:超頻系列 DDR2 1200記憶體模組 / AH421勁轉碟

ComputerDIY:Apacer 記憶卡獨家搭贈「相片救星2」

PChome Shopper 2008資訊產品採購情報誌

IT Weekly:Apacer宇瞻科技推出兼具實用與方便性AH225隨身碟

DIGITIMES 企業IT:宇瞻新推出CF 300專業相機用超高速記憶卡

IT Weekly:Apacer宇瞻科技推出CF 300專業相機用超高速記憶卡

2008 NOVA通路首選:宇瞻DDR2 1200 Plus

PChome通路報:Apacer宇瞻科技推出CF 300專業相機用超高速記憶卡

2008 NOVA通路首選:記憶體模組改朝換代

Sina:玩轉智慧手機 宇瞻microSD手機專用存儲卡

Digitimes:宇瞻全新推出CF 300X專業相機用超高速記憶卡

DigiAsia:Apacer宇瞻科技全新推出CF 300X 專業相機用超高速記憶卡


天極: 簡約就是美 宇瞻全系列USB快閃記憶體盤導購

ZOL:種類齊全 宇瞻發佈全系列固態記憶體

天極:經典老品牌 宇瞻存儲系列賣場供應充足

IT168:更高水準 宇瞻DDRII800筆記本記憶體評測

ZOL:簡約就是美 宇瞻AH222藍帽碟新登場

ZOL:時尚存儲生活 宇瞻AH125皮夾U盤評測



IT168:簡約就是美 宇瞻藍冒碟U盤低價上市

IT168:[西安]聖誕情緣 宇瞻十年快閃記憶體限量發售


PCHOME:市場主流DDR2 800記憶體年終橫向評測

天極:聖誕記憶由你存 宇瞻100X愛的記憶SD卡

天極:玩轉智慧手機 宇瞻microSD手機專用存儲卡

天極:白領女性的第一選擇 宇瞻AH124魅力十足


ZOL:新一代主流 宇瞻2GB 100速SD卡測試

IT168:簡約也是一種美 宇瞻藍帽碟AH222評測

IT168:宇瞻十年 感恩回報

ZOL:十年巨變 07年11款大容量SDHC卡橫測

PCHOME:節日饋贈佳品 市售熱門4G U盤推薦

天極:超迷你名片包式 宇瞻AH125閃盤極具創意

MSN:超迷你名片包式 宇瞻AH125閃盤極具創意

Digital Times:存儲卡榮獲《數位時代》"2007年度優秀品牌獎"

Digital Times:黑豹DDR2-800榮獲《數字時代》"2007年度編輯推薦獎"

India:AH123- Compu Var magazine

India:miniSDHC 4GB- Cell it magazine

India:AU350- Cell it magazine

India:AU581- DQ Week newspaper

India:CF300X- DQ Week newspaper

Philippines:AU240- HWM magazine


Netherlands PC Magazine:Subscription

Germany CHIP:SD Card 150x product review

Digital World:Product introduction

T3:Apacer Handy Steno AH620

ComptuerPress:Apacer Audio Steno AU581

Foto&Video:Apacer Handy Steno AH620

Igromedia:Apacer Audio Steno AU120

PCmagazine:Apacer Handy Steno AH620

RussianDigital:Apacer Audio Steno AU840
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